Hi, I’m Cat! I do 100 lbs weight loss projects and coach beginners to normalize their relationship with healthy living. Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a live-in, fitness focused obesity recovery program for women age 35+. You stay in beautiful private condos, shut out distractions and focus on yourself full time for 1-5 months. Workouts are epic, emotional and exhilarating! Situated in the northeastern Pacific Ocean of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is the biggest island on the West Coast. You’ll love the ocean views and sunsets.  

If you feel ready to step away from your past and into your lighter future, you’re in the right place!


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Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a residential fitness camp for 100 lb weight loss. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to make your weight loss journey the most important project. There’s hiking almost daily and delicious food (that you cook yourself). You’ll learn to embrace your fitness journey by moving in a way that feels good.  



I’m a Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Executive Coach, Life Coach and Certified Hiking Guide with 20 years experience.   

Partners & Professional Memberships

Partners & Professional Memberships


Each boot camper cooks their own meals in their own luxury kitchen that they’re provided as part of their private lodging. They stay in an upscale condo that’s steps from the ocean.. granite counters, all the amenities with ‘safe’ foods, free from binge triggers.

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All packages includes private lodging at the Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort, in your own one bedroom condo.

Spacious and sophisticated, your modern apartment is steps from the ocean. Complete with gourmet kitchen, hot tub, outdoor pool, patio and free wifi… it’s the perfect remote worker set-up!

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monthly stays


**UPDATE, MAY 1, 2021. Due to B.C’s travel restrictions, we have no choice but to close until further notice. We will be using this time to focus on registrations for next year, when hopefully the borders are open and the pandemic is behind us. 


  • 30 week, 100 lb program: Jan – July.  
  • 4-8 week high performance fitness camp May and June.

Top 3 ways Cat Smiley Boot Camp is different

01 Safe to do with the pandemic

Max 4 boot campers per month with all covid procedures in place. We’re a small work bubble. If staying for multiple months, new will train with you safely.

02  Dedicated coach for duration of stay

I’m a no-excuses coach here to push your personal limits and elevate progression. You need to be coachable: let go of control and be honest – no matter what. 

03 You cook your own delicious, easy meals

Each boot camper has their own full kitchen – granite counters, all the amenities. The plan is gluten, wheat, meat and (almost) dairy free. You grocery shop as a team.  

Modern, luxury one-bedroom condo all to yourself! Steps from the beach surrounded by nature. The Sunrise Ridge Resort is the perfect retreat.

Daily schedule, Monday to Friday. This includes activity, nature walks, boot camp on the beach, or restorative workouts, personal training and coaching, guided nutrition and more.

Amazing body transformation – lighter, stronger and fitter. Youll feel better physically, mentally, spiritually. Motivation, clarity, education and peaceful realizations to make this whole weight loss thing DOABLE, enjoyable and empowering.

Personal development to get unstuck and upgrade your actions and behavioural changes towards healthy living. Youll gain confidence and build healthier self esteem, fitness and body image.  

21 day meal plan, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and meat free that includes 2 smoothies and one delicious meal. Youll learn to menu plan with your own tastes and preferences.

Team grocery shop each week with ingredients paid by WFV for the duration of your program. You cook your own meals, in your private room, just like at home. Can adapt to your tastes and preferences.

Youll sweat, eat, meal plan, workout, cry, laugh and transform with the same 4 women for one full month. Even though you have your own private residence, theres social opportunity as much as youd like.

Truly inclusive rates

We package everything together so you don’t get hit with extra bills.

Program fees are inclusive of taxes, lodging, program, food, transportation during activity hours. 

All sessions are steered towards major weight loss and mobility for women with 50 to 200 lbs to lose. Beginner fitness level required (see video here).


Sample Day (12-5 scheduled activity)

One of the biggest benefits of joining Cat Smiley Boot Camp is the structured, purpose-driven schedule. The workouts are adaptable and fluid. I design workouts in-the-moment based on each individuals athletic response, working with you from noon to 5pm. You have weekends and mornings to work remotely, zoom appointments, do cardio assignments etc. We adapt to the weather, to mentalities, to energy levels, and all things human.  

  • 6:30 AM

    Wake up, water, stretch, daily reflection or meditation. We have a hydration schedule to follow. Coffee is encouraged! 

  • 7.30 AM

    Morning smoothie - designed to reset your relationship with food, when you've come from binge eating background.

  • 9.00 AM

    Cardio assignment at the health club, or stretching in your room. Therapy appointment or checking in with home or work responsibilities.

  • 11.30 am

    Smoothie at your lodging.  

  • 12 PM

    Stunning forest hike in one of the many trails nearby. Trails include Little Qualicum Falls, Top Bridge, Rathtrevor Park, Moorcroft Park and more. At least once a week do a sit-down nutrition and/or life coaching workshop.

  • 2 PM

    To the track for boot camp or athletic conditioning class. OBC56 basic training for strength and mobility. Balance, agility, coordination may also be the focus.

  • 5 PM

    Finish activity. Start cooking your own dinner, following the recipes of The Planet Friendly Diet. This food plan is gluten, wheat, soy and meat free with fish and optional yogurt; 1200 calories per day.
  • 5.30 PM

    Eat dinner and relax for the rest of the evening. Sometimes you might be recommended to roll or extra stretching. Self-isolation is mandatory outside of program; (walking or physiotherapy okay!)


Join power-house women who make you laugh, get you through the tough times and keep the experience fun. Cat Smiley Boot Camp typically attracts go-getter women who want to better themselves.  


Carolyn Nesbitt
Carolyn Nesbitt
When I first arrived, I could run 1/4 of the track.. Now I'm an energizer bunny, running around multiple times a day. My weight has dropped and I will be in a healthy weight zone soon because I am following Cat Smiley's well-researched plan for what to put in your body and when, and how to move your body. I will be recommending her to my own clients. Thanks Coach!!
Margaret Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Top rated weight loss camp... return boot camper here! Hi! I lost 25lbs in my one month stay in Parksville location. Before the pandemic in 2019 Whistler session I lost 53 lbs in my two month stay. Cat Smiley GETS RESULTS and she does it in a unique, coaching style way that blends beautiful hiking with tough-yet-compassionate boot camp workouts. You know she's always looking out for your best interests and above all, you feel safe in her knowledge. I've visited several fitness retreats prior to joining this one, in San Diego before the pandemic and Kamloops. All 3 experiences were unique in their own way. I liked WFV the most because it's amazing to have your own personal coach; with customization and special considerations for my ability as it progresses. I highly recommend this weight loss camp and can't wait to return!
Jayne Collins
Jayne Collins
I’ve been at Cat Smiley Boot Camp for 6 weeks so far and I’ve lost almost 30lbs! That’s unbelievable for me as a former athlete in her mid-50s who has tried everything to lose weight. Coach is an amazing motivator, trainer and professional manager of fitness transformation that gets results. As a busy career woman, I appreciated the attention to detail and organized planning of every element. Highly recommend this weight loss camp for ambitious goal seekers who appreciate quality.
Maggie Allan
Maggie Allan
LOVE LOVE LOVE Cat Smiley’s fitness and weight loss camp!!! It's definitely a boot camp where you work have to follow the program and be equally invested in your results as your coach is. I went for 4 weeks and it was LIFE CHANGING. The hiking is spectacular but most of all, I liked the boot camp experience. Her approach is very coaching focused, she treats you like an athlete so you rise up to the challenge to become one. Highly recommend to anyone who is ready to truly making changes. And Bear is the sweetest - pic attached!
Jason L
Jason L
My girlfriend attend Car Smiley previously several times. She got the results she wanted and then some. She tough but empathetic. Cat Smiley is there to make you successful. If you follow the food and her instructions you will indeed succeed. Not only that she gave my gf guides for moving fwd. CAT SMILEY still is there to support and answer questions even though my gf has finished the boot camp thanks Cat
Kevin Bergeron
Kevin Bergeron
my partner lost 95 pounds im so proud of her, thanks Cat
michelle goetheyn
michelle goetheyn
Cat Smiley went above and beyond to ensure my goals were being met. From one on one explanations to teaching me to love myself and the journey. WFV is a definite must do!
Jessica Gibson
Jessica Gibson
Throughout my stay, such great support and encouragement in our weight loss camp. It's indeed a kick start and I've been able to implement the skills learnt at home. Over a year has passed since my wellness retreat in Whistler and I think fondly of the experience often. Recently I popped by the new location on Vancouver Island to catch up with Cat, and we went on a gorgeous hike. Many thanks, to everyone - I look forward to being able to return! Love Bear also, the team dog 💖
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams
I will always endorse these folks!! They're so wonderful and helpful

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is actively welcoming audacious, bold women like you into upcoming residential fitness camps. I hope to be part of your dream trip, and can’t wait to welcome you beautiful Parksville, B.C.  


Ready for the real and raw truth about winning the battle with yourself?