Outdoor weight loss retreats for women of beginner fitness level, Whistler, B.C.

2020/01/16 22:22:16

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You or your loved one could break free from obesity this year.

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Structured Fitness Retreats

Whistler Fitness Vacations is one of the most unique luxury wellness retreats in Canada, with over 400 weeks of retreats delivered in our 11 years of business. You’ll experience results-focused structure and accountability in your exercise programming, guiding powerful life change.

In 2020 we’ve got two program options;

  • May & August: one month body transformation retreat, gorgeous hotel included! Our partnership lodging is The Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler.
  • April, June & July: weekly camps with activity only. Perfect for those with holiday homes, looking for the most affordable option or traveling with family.

Maybe you’re looking for a place to get out of a fitness rut, or have major weight loss goals. Or perhaps want to try a new way of eating (all guests have their own kitchen ensuite). Our programs might be just what you need if you’re ready to challenge yourself to achieve sky-rocketed results .

Programs include hiking, biking, kayaking and outdoor fitness classes. 

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Fitness Consulting

Available both with our weight loss retreat packages, or sold separately – fitness consulting will bring 2020 goals into fruition!

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Wellness Workshops

Also part of our fitness vacations, Cat Smiley workshops are popular for one-day events for visitors to Whistler.

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Body Transformations

Whistler Fitness Vacations has pristine hiking, biking and outdoor adventures to transform body, mind and spirit.

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Now Is The Time To Plan Your Summer Trip!

Make this your fittest year ever with Whistler Fitness Vacations. We’ve got two ‘boot camp intensives’ planned for this year, May 24 to June 20, and August 2 to 29, staying at The Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler.

Don’t need the luxury? Click here to book an ‘activity only’ fitness camp with us in April, June or July. This is especially beneficial for those looking for long-term stays, who want to hunker down and really achieve great things in their weight loss. We’ve had women join us for 12-16 weeks, staying in short-term rental units in town.

Everyday you’ll work full-time on rebooting your fitness, health and wellbeing in the stunning mountains of B.C., with fabulous new friends from around the world. Everyone is at beginner or intermediate fitness levels, outside of healthy weight range, or needing a slower pace for medical reasons. What an incredible way to reboot your life, enjoy some Canadian adventure and do something valuable for your health!

Get fit, lose weight and feel lighter in every area of your life in a deserving journey of self care.

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Making Memories

Watch videos of the real stories – from real people like you! Our award-winning weight loss camps and luxury wellness retreats have changed many lives, and we’re so proud of our guests.

Customers Reviews

Experiences of clients who recently worked with me.

  • I always felt safe and being surrounded by such amazing breathtaking views of the mountains was something I will take… Read More »

    Robyn G | September 05, 2019
  • A safe space that made me feel comfortable being who I am and helped me feel rejuvenated and excited again… Read More »

    Basma J | August 11, 2019
  • Cat Smiley is an incredible coach who believed in me during moments that I didn’t. She’s put together such a… Read More »

    Megan P | May 01, 2018

Personal Coaching Programs 

Many of our clients are going through significant life change; such as divorce, major weight loss, changing careers or personal loss. With a client list as diverse as my training methods, I go beyond exercise strategies, digging deeper into multi-faceted areas of your life. Together, we’ll go beneath the surface to achieve sustainable change. This change focuses on purpose-driven coaching so that you can become happier and healthier.

Contact me today – for programs that are results-focused, empowering and fun!

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