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2020/05/03 22:22:16

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You or your loved one could break free from obesity this year.

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Nutrition, Fitness & Life Coaching Services

Are you tired of going from trainer to trainer, starting a fitness and nutrition plan for the millionth time, hoping it will stick? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Cat, a Whistler based professional coach specializing in health and wellness. Best known for creating breakthroughs with people who are close to giving up hope in their weight loss programs and fitness, working with me might just be that last time you ‘start again.’

Pricing for my Executive Coaching packages starts at $500 CAD per month, and I’m now booking for January 2020. Registration is also open for Whistler Fitness Vacations – my luxury wellness retreat that includes guided adventure workouts, hiking, biking, kayaking and outdoor fitness. You can join for 1-8 weeks, either with lodging or without.

With almost 20 years in the fitness industry, I’m confident and capable with all mobility restrictions and beginner/intermediate fitness levels. I meet my clients where they are, and take them to new heights – where they never expected they could go.

Are you ready to elevate your perception of what you can achieve?

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Fitness Consulting

Consulting packages either plan, implement & evaluate current wellness program or provide total overhaul with a fresh start. Fitness consulting packages range from 3 hours, to one year for major body transformations and implementation.

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Wellness Workshops

My 5 signature workshops are a great introduction to working together, ideal as a corporate event. They encompass breakthrough lessons in fitness and life coaching; from learning practical strategies to heal your relationship with food, through to adaptive running for plus sized athletes.

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Body Transformations

With almost 20 years experience, I’m your all-in-one leader with multifaceted coaching qualifications that provide me with the tools and experience to go with my clients where they’ve never been before. My specialty is 100 pound weight loss & getting results with people who have ‘tried everything’ & lost hope.

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Who I work with

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Now Is The Time To Book Your New Year Program

Make 2020 your fittest year ever by signing up early to one of our luxury wellness retreats or coaching programs. The best project you can work on is you – and you’ll save thousands of dollars for signing up early. Get fit, lose weight and feel lighter in every area of your life by joining us in an amazing journey of self care.

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Making Memories

Watch videos of the real stories – from real people like you- that have used our luxury wellness retreats to make their dreams come true. We’re so proud of our guests!

It was amazing

Thank you Whistler Fitness Vacations for the best month that I could have imagined, focusing on my health while taking some much needed ‘me time.’. The facilities, staff and fitness director Cat was truly top notch. I felt much kindness towards my journey, and grateful to have had the opportunity. Blessings.

Jennifer Hawkins, Chicago

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Loved it

Completing the journey with Cat and her team at Whistler Fitness Vacations was a life-changing experience. Their attention and support showed me that optimal health and long term success is achievable. Best decision I’ve made in a long time!

— Sherri Gardner, Florida

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Coming back next year!

I had a wonderful experience at Whistler Fitness Vacations and would strongly recommend it to others. I learned so much about nutrition, fitness and myself. I now have the hope and the tools to continue making positive changes. Thank you Cat!

— Carolyn M, Ontario

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The Business Of Being You

I believe that we all have our personal branding, and who we present to the world is closely connected to how we feel about ourselves. That’s why my coaching packages are called ‘The Business Of Being You.”

Especially designed for women who are going through significant life change (divorce, major weight loss, changing careers, personal loss), I use an integrative coaching approach to rebuild my clients life from the ground up, similar to how successful businesses rebuild their company after a business crash.

Using ‘one day per day’ as a gentle yet intentional goal, we work together in their careers, fitness programming, personal motivation, nutrition and emotional attachments to restore, rebuild and renew the life that they deserve.

With a client list as diverse as my training methods, my expertise goes beyond exercise strategies and into my client’s home. As a certified life coach, I work beneath the surface of client motivations and behaviours to achieve sustainable change. This change focuses on purpose-driven coaching, improving both work and home life so that you can become happier and healthier.

Contact me today – for results-focused workouts and wellness programs that are doable, empowering and fun!

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