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12 week program

Stay at our premier fitness camp for 3 amazing months

55 lbs expected weight loss

Cat Smiley Boot Camp’s 12 week immersive weight loss programs take you into the lifestyle of making healthier, fitter and lighter choices. This is the perfect duration to maximize weight loss results while being guided through the stages of motivation to continue at home.

  more days to register for 2022 sessions.​

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SAVE 10% on your 3rd month

Semi-Private Training (Max 4 per coach)

Full payment for all fitness boot camp sessions is due upon receipt for following year registrations. Registration opens for 2023 on July 1, 2022.

Limited space available

Feel the love of movement and adventure, with Cat Smiley's premier fitness camp programs. Our capacity is 12 participants per month. Don’t miss out!
Giannoula Venetsanopoulos, Vancouver
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It’s been an incredible adventure in learning how to take control 
of my life towards a healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it without your wellness retreat. Thank you!
Carolyn Murray
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Thank you for a wonderful month long fitness retreat. I was feeling out of control with my weight. I now have HOPE and tools to continue with POSITIVE CHANGES. Such a lovely environment, great guides – and terrific no-nonsense coaching. Words are not enough. Best wishes always.
Sasha Lambert, Quebec
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After spending two months here I’ve grown to really admire Cat Smiley as a human being; she’s so dedicated to her clients physical and emotional journeys. I’m grateful to her for being my trainer, mentor and friend.
Kathy Clark, Florida
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I am so thankful for finding Cat Smiley! My time here was much more than I expected – and now I feel equipped to make this happen at home! Many, many thanks!