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6 benefits of choosing a professional fitness retreat (vs a popup)

Pop-up retreats seem like a great idea – as long as things go right. But if things go wrong, you’ll be glad you chose an experienced company that can manage it.

Professional fitness retreat programs cost more and it’s easy to start looking at pop-up alternatives. Yet there’s a lot of fluff online these days. Kids can whip up a gorgeous website in a weekend for their 20 year old sister, hosting her first wellness retreat in Bali. Perhaps she’s got a social following or maybe she got certified a few months ago as a fitness professional.

Yet you’re not paying for the expertise of an established weight loss camp for when things go well. You’re paying for their ability to manage it when it doesn’t. How do they evacuate a broken ankle on a hike, two hours from the nearest road? What happens if there’s a mental health emergency in a boot camp class? When it comes to health retreat and fitness boot camp programs, as cliche as it sounds – you get what you pay for.

Traveling to a health retreat is the ultimate luxury in self-care. Programs like Cat Smiley Boot Camp don’t just get you into shape – we show you how to love it! This is done with fun outdoor activities that get the heart pumping, such as hiking for weight loss and fitness boot camp on the beach. We make sure that you make the most of your precious time away.

Benefits of going to a professional fitness retreat 

  1. Reliability: every day, you can count on consistent service level and positive interaction between staff. No bad days!
  2. Assurance: each point-of-contact with staff will be knowledgeable and assuring. You’ll be able to trust their expertise.
  3. Tangibles: the wellness retreat physical facilities, equipment, and staff appearance will be professional at all times.
  4. Empathy: not just sympathy. You’ll feel listened to, and cared for. While new retreats might give genuine and authentic care to their customers also, there’s no guarantee when their limits will be crossed. If a professional retreat company is still in business, they have the resources in place to give customer the care that they need.
  5. Responsiveness: systems will be in place to get you answers and support within the window of you needing it.
  6. A professional fitness retreat will be insured, certified & licensed. This is essential for your protection. 
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