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6 reasons why Canadian retreats are worth staying local for

Dust off your list of domestic aspirations in 2022 with a weight loss camp in Canada.

Seeking outdoor fun and getting back into shape is what a weight loss retreat is all about. One of the best reasons to get away to a health retreat is to learn how to workout independently. The in-person coaching will give you the fundamentals of fitness, that will in turn allow you to follow streamed classes with more confidence (and safety)!

Meeting new people is one of the best parts of travelling, but when you live at opposite sides of the world it’s hard to stay in touch. When you make new friends on trips in your own country, there’s more of a chance you’ll keep in contact and catch up again in the near future.

There’s lots of wonderful conversation at our hiking weight loss retreats – you’re spending many hours on the trails together. Having a strong support system has powerful benefits in your overall well-being.

Top reasons to travel in your own country

  • Canada has incredible beaches and mountains. Imagine going through an incredible weight loss transformation, motivated by the beauty of nature all around.
  • When you choose a weight loss camp in Canada instead of traveling to the States, more tax goes to the local economy. It also creates local jobs – more workers paying taxes and keeping our economy strong.
  • It’s easy to travel… hop in the car, drive… bring your dog and favorite espresso machine. No ‘wondering’ if the border is going to be open when it’s time to fly home, or having to fit everything into your bags.
  • The weight loss meal plan is familiar, using locally sourced ingredients and brand names that you can continue using.
  • The weather is likely similar to your home province also, with the same seasonal produce.
  • It’s patriotic! Something to really feel good about.

Staying local for your next adventure might inspire future trips, after this one. There are many great wellness retreats in B.C., as well as fitness boot camp programs like Cat Smiley. Click here to get started and download a catalog!

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