Fitness boot camp

8 week program

Two amazing months at our fitness boot camp

40 lbs expected weight loss
Twice the results of our 4 week program, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself to achieve faster times, stronger reps and better understanding of how to make this a way-of-life. Two months at Cat Smiley gives enhanced reboot benefits, weight loss and sense of empowerment.
  more days to register for 2022 sessions.​

Upcoming dates (8 weeks)




SAVE 5% on your 2nd month

 Full payment for all fitness boot camp sessions is due upon receipt for following years sessions. Registration opens for 2023 on July 1, 2022.

Shaping up made unforgettable

When your investment needs to be perfect, count on Cat Smiley. With 20+ years of experience and over 500 weeks of fitness retreats under our belt, we’ll bring your dream weight loss camp to life.
Robyn Graham, Australia
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I lost almost 30 pounds in the month at Cat Smiley. Vancouver Island is one of the most incredible places in the world! The mountains, beaches... its absolutely beautiful. The fat camp program (sounds terrible to say, but hey, that's what it truthfully is)... gave me all the tools to fit into home. I made really great friends - everyone was so supportive. The investment on my health was so worth it, I recommend it to anyone!
Lorene Beckett
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Cat and all the wonderful guides at the boot camp retreat– you have made this experience fantastic! I had no idea I could move my body this much and enjoy it. You've helped me set much higher goals and expectations for myself. I am full of gratitude for your support & encouragement.
Kathy Lovatt, Northwest Territories
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Thanks so much to the Cat Smiley team. You have helped me to reclaim my life. I lost 38 lbs and 21 inches during my 8 week weight loss retreat, moving and breathing so much better. I have hope to lead an active healthy life.
Marie Henry, B.C.
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What a wonderful experience! Thank you for all your enthusiasm, encouragement and professionalism. I will treasure my new recipes and workout routines as I continue to my ‘happy size’. Hugs!