weight loss boot camp journal


Structured, consistent implementation

With Cat Smiley Boot Camp you not only get daily accountability throughout your stay – you join a program that requires attendance each part of the scheduled day. This expectation is what makes us different.

We personally design a weight loss boot camp fitness schedule for you. Your team mates will be in the shuttle waiting for you to show up to training – if you decide to sleep in – and a coach will be knocking on your door. Odds are, you’ll decide to come for training. And there’s no such thing as a bad workout (once you finish!)

Leading with kindness

It’s possible you’ve watched transformation reality shows, and are concerned about weight loss boot camp programs that feel like you are bullied into training. We’ll never do that here, or use emotional triggers like you might have seen on The Biggest Loser. We don’t need to do that to motivate. 

Honesty is the integral connection that ties your best effort with the intensity required. With full attendance of training sessions you’ll progress at the same pace as the others. This will give you the motivation to push hard… with the spirit to succeed!


Complete care for you or your loved one

Call today to get the ball rolling on healthier (and happier!)
Angela Smith, Australia
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This was a fantastic chance to break old habits and make new, healthier ones. Such a fantastic team: the encouragement and support was a great aspect of changing my lifestyle.

Keri, Ontario
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Cat - what an amazing adventure these past months have been! This has just been everything, and then some. Bear is an amazing part of the wellness retreat team and your fitness trainers are wonderful. You’ve created something magical here and are leaving a legacy of stronger, healthier, more empowered women in your formidable wake! I’ve met incredible women here and will be forever grateful for this opportunity to learn more about myself and build through my self- imposed limits.
Linda Mullen, Alberta
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I lost almost 60 pounds in my 8 week stay here at Cat Smiley fat camp... I mean boot camp (haha). What an amazing experience! I’ve taken away so much. I’ve had a great kick- start and now feel I can become healthy independently. You are awesome Cat, for being so attentive and dedicated to my success. Thank you.
Cat Santos-Viera, Mississauga
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Thank you so much, I’m so much happier. A weight has literally been lifted. I lost 25 pounds in my month long fitness retreat. I’m excited to finally live my life the way I was meant to!