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Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a mental toughness program, just as much as it’s physical. It creates powerful transformation in all areas of your life. Our activity line-up is designed to give you purpose and fitness progression each day. You’ll love the routine and structure of living as an athlete.

We’ll help you feel excited about the road ahead in your fitness no matter what your age. Programming is low impact, progressing into higher impact only if – and when – you are ready. Classes are mostly ‘no running’ – great for bone health which can be especially helpful with stages of menopause.






We create memorable fitness experiences

Kari, Alberta
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What a magical place and wellness retreat experience! Hiking for fitness, and getting fit with professionals who have a wealth of experience. British Columbia is truly a beautiful location. Cat Smiley Boot Camp empowered me to do things I never thought I could! Very positive time.
Linda, Alberta
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I lost almost 60 pounds in my 8 week stay here at Cat Smiley Boot Camp. What an amazing experience! I’ve taken away so much. I’ve had a great kick- start and now feel I can become healthy independently. You are awesome Cat, for being so attentive and dedicated to my success. Thank you.
Libby Hubbard, Tennassee, USA
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Just the whole scale, the physical, the eating, the spiritual - all of that I'm finding here. And I know when I go home I'm going to be a success! Because it's not just one element that I've changed, it's mind, body and soul. That's the difference for me, and Cat's fitness retreat literally changed my life. The difference with this fitness camp and other weight loss resorts that I've been to is that we cook our own food in the evening. You learn how to cut out fats, sodium and unnecessary calories. And for me that's been huge! This weight loss resort is the whole package. I lost 30 lbs in 8 weeks, which is unbelievable for me.
Wendy Bert, USA
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Cat, thank you for all your enthusiasm, truth, knowledge, encouragement, and smiles everyday. I am ready to eat healthy and exercise on my own. I will always remember my time here in beautiful BC and the great people I met! I will always be grateful for my time spent with you!