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Live Like An Athlete

At Cat Smiley Boot Camp you live like a full-time athlete in training, with a team and coach for 1-5 amazing months. Your daily training plan adapts with you, scaling to meet your fitness level. It adjusts to become more challenging, or easier if needed, under the watchful leadership of your coach and personal athlete manager. Her key role is to keep your progression safe and optimal. 

Our residential fitness progam is modelled after Cat’s  schedule as a professional athlete. For 12 years, she worked towards her goals in the same way you will be working towards yours.

Your team will become your best friends when you feel defeated and worst nightmare when you want to quit – and YOUR PEOPLE when everything is upside down. ​

Making healthy happen

Beyond the daily pep talks will be the changeable goals that move with you and life’s various curveballs. Your time at weight loss camp is likely to be interrupted occasionally with things going on at home. Adjusting to these factors to keep you on track is part of the included athlete management service. (There’ll be up to 12 team mates, support staff and fitness guides who go through the experience). 

Together you’ll cry, laugh and cheer each other on, to come out on the other side lighter in every way. 

~Cat Smiley


Everything you need in one place

Shaping up as an obese beginner can be complicated, uncomfortable and frustrating. Simplify it with Cat Smiley, the fitness camp that offers start-to-finish 100lb weight loss transformations.
Kelly Denman, Michigan
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Thank you for the kick-start. This has been a wonderful experience in one of the greatest places. Very inspirational – thanks so much!
Jenny Holmes, New Zealand
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Thank you for another great 4-week experience at Boot Camp. This is a great place, with great leaders. There have been lots of tools and ideas to bring home for me. Thank you for the positive attitude and confidence.
Julie Carmel, Quebec
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I feel amazing after my time here, hiking for fitness especially was wonderful. I truly enjoyed the walks, running, trekking I did in the forest. It was very different to my gym in Montreal! Thank you, merci.
Linda Hunter, Ontario
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This was an excellent transformational month! I have learnt to let go of control and to believe in the process. Thanks so much, it's a practical and sustainable weight loss retreat that gave me tools to continue.