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Beauty routine in a slump? 3 ways exercise can help

There’s big connection between working out and the desire to self-care, studies say.

If your beauty routine has taken backseat lately, take a look at your commitment to exercise. Studies show that there’s a trickle effect of good habits that happen from starting the first one – like exercise.

The great thing about spending time on a fitness getaway or wellness retreat is that it has a tendency to nourish whatever part of your life needs it the most. Perhaps that is your food choices or meeting new people, who’ll quickly become your friends. Maybe it’ll be a place where you can catch up on well-needed sleep.  

Exercise promotes better sleep: If you have difficulty sleeping, regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Try to exercise earlier in the day so you have a couple of hours before bed to wind down.

Amhearst College (study)

1. The way you see your life might change

There’s a high relationship between physical activity and how we perceive our quality of life. Exercise can reduce premature development of anxiety, back pain, depression, insomnia, memory issues… to name a few. Weight loss camps and fitness retreats will get you into the routine of exercising, which will bring sustainable positive benefits.

2. Your beauty routine might return …

It’s very common to eventually quit on even caring what your weight is, if it’s been something you’ve ‘failed’ at many times. Maybe you’ve stopped looking at yourself, putting on sunblock or buying new clothes. Beauty routine perhaps transitioned to hair-in-a-pony and a rotation of the same stretchy pants as you fly out the door.

One of the daily tasks at Cat Smiley Boot Camp is to put on body lotion everyday – an added step in taking care of yourself. We also encourage boot campers to follow a skin care routine both morning and night, a simple self-care regime that often slips with healthy choices.

3. Body image will improve 

Exercise can also increase confidence, building a sense of self accomplishment. You begin to seek out other challenges, setting new goals to achieve.   

Studies of women found that positive body image actually increases with age. This is likely because life experiences can teach you to appreciate and respect your body for what it does and what it’s been through – even if it doesn’t look like the kind of body admired in popular culture. In short, the wisdom that comes with age often brings the unexpected gift of greater body appreciation

Psychology Today

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