immersive weight loss program

Coaching support

Professional leadership

Losing 100 pounds in a healthy, safely, and sustainably way takes more leadership than most people realize. With Cat Smiley as your head coach, you’ll be challenged and encouraged into dynamic action. Together you’ll make a personalized action plan that our fitness team will hold you accountable to go through with.

Here’s what Coach (Cat) does to support you

Angela Smith, Australia
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This was a fantastic chance to break old habits and make new, healthier ones. Such a fantastic team: the encouragement and support was a great aspect of changing my lifestyle.

Myrah Osman, Pakistan
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Thank you Cat Smiley Boot Camp team for kicking my butt everyday! Cat, you are a coach who saw more in me. More than I thought I could ever be, you taught me to discipline this mind and body I am in, you raised my expectations and dreams beyond just an athlete's schemes. Beyond normal endurance, beyond myself, and ever since, I am a greater person for it, because you taught me not to quit. Michell, Jess, Jaimie, huge thank you for the love and support I received from you all. I had many health issues (migraines, headache, high cholestrol etc.) since I joined your fitness camp I didn't face any of these health problems. I feel myself quite fit. All credit to you and your team. I will miss you all!!! Thank you xo
Karen, South Africa
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Thank you so much! What a great experience! I can honestly say that this wellness retreat is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and my health. Pushed to my potential, great supportive women, beautiful nature, great accommodation and location. Keep up the good work! :))
Debbie, USA
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Inspirations, transformational, educational immersive weight loss program and fitness camp! So glad I came. I know I can push myself and have a plan to make this sustainable. Love the smoothies and recipes.