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At this time, unfortunately the pandemic is wearing on in B.C. and I’ve made the (gut-wrenching) decision to defer all sessions until further notice. Registration will open for our 30 week, 100 lb program on June 19 for 2022. This program starts on the first Monday of January and includes 4 months at Cat Smiley Boot Camp, 2.5 months remote coaching at home then return to boot camp for July, one month. Everyone is expected to lose their 100 lbs together as a team by the end of their 7.5 months.

A high performance 4 & 8 week package will run in May and June (OBC-56). We will no longer be running monthly stays year round, instead focusing just on these two packages. We are offering full credit to all stays impacted, valid for 2 years from the originally scheduled stay. 

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