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Anna, B.C.
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My dear Coach, I arrived so broken and surrendered myself to the fat camp program, ready to be coached. Here we are 30 weeks later and I am totally transformed, over 100 lbs lighter. Cat Smiley Boot Camp changed my life through all the knowledge and care bestowed upon me, from both yourself and your team. It was so valuable to have beautiful Bear with us each day as well, to create a homely feel. My emotions are high as I prepare to begin a whole new journey that you set up for me. I’m no longer feeling imprisoned in my obesity! My life longevity is owed to you and the incredible breakthroughs that provided results, solutions and answers. You’re amazing! Never stop - we need you! Anna XOXO
Sarah, Montreal
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Dear Cat, The past 16 weeks have been truly life changing. Your guidance, support and encouragement throughout this weight loss camp journey was nothing short of legendary. Thanks to you, I'm 80lbs down and I feel more confident than ever that I can complete my transformation and aspire to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to you, I went from struggling on a 5-minute walk to running a sub-13 mile. Thanks to you, my oven is being converted from storage space to an actual cooking toll I can enjoy using 🙂 You are extraordinary. TY for everything.
Carolyn Nesbitt, B.C.
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Thank you so much for working with me to push through mental obstacles that were in the way of my physical fitness. I appreciate your patience, your pep talks and pushing when you know I can do it, even when I have a (false) belief that I can’t. I’m walking away changed and happy with my progress, knowing it’s a shift in lifestyle. With fondness and appreciation.
Michelle Goetheyn, Toronto
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Cat, thank you for helping me find me. I truly enjoyed every aspect of the boot camp. Bear is the perfect hike leader. All your knowledge, guidance and advice has been so valuable. Everyday was an experience that I treasure.