Dog Friendly Fitness Retreat? You Bet!

Dog Friendly Resort WFV

Yes, You CAN Bring Your Dog With You To WFV!

Last year, Whistler Fitness Vacations became – probably – the only luxury fitness retreat in North America to offer dog friendly stays. This progressive and exciting addition to our program was in partnership to the amazing support of Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler. This pet friendly property absolutely loves dogs, and of course, we do too.

I always put myself in the customers position. Would I want to go away for up to eight weeks and leave Bear and Paco at home? Not really. I mean especially if I lived in, say, California and was traveling up the coast to Whistler with them in the car, enroute to WFV. It’s pretty cool to be able to travel with your dogs.?

our amazing team - Dog Friendly Fitness Retreat? You Bet!

Our Move Into Dog Friendly Fitness Retreats

This natural extension of our amazing program was almost inevitable. For ten years, my trustee cattle dog Manchas herded bears away from customers at The Original Boot Camp, led the way leash-free on the hiking trails, acted as a snuggly therapist to clients who were having a particularly tough day. In the last few days of his blessed and wonderful life, I took him in a stroller to say goodbye to my group in session. It was Mothers Day in 2017 and everyone had a little party for him, giving gifts like canine sushi and things like that.

Bear has taken comfortably in his footsteps, as the same breeding. He’s less involved than Manchas was, but that’s because he’s only two. Still a bit scattered at times, learning the ropes. We have him on hikes selectively. it’s also a lot busier at work than it used to be, so it’s hard to be a mama as well everything else going on! Until he’s fully trained up, he mostly stays at home. Presently we’re putting him through the same training for wildlife patrol as we did for Manchas. Having Bear on the hikes increases the safety for our guests.

Bringing Your Dog To Whistler

Although your dog can’t join us during scheduled hours (8 – 2.30), it’s nice to have them after your day and in the weekends! The best way to work around this is to connect with a local baby sitting company. Their services usually offer pet sitting as well as human babies! If there are a few guests in session, we may be able to coordinate a sitter as a group. This would be as cost effective as possible, with rates dependent on how many dogs there are.

The Westin has a strict pet policy that states dogs can’t be left in the room alone, even if in a cage. Unfortunately even if your dog is 3 pounds, they can’t join us in the workouts or in any of the scheduled activity between 8 and 2.30. Reasons being that if they get lost, bite another guest or interfere with Bear when he’s working, it’s not good. Bear is insured on our policy to work with guests. Paco is pretty useless comparatively on the trails to Bear, and he’s not too athletic haha (Jack Russel/Daxi/Boston cross).

Benefits Of Exercising With Your Dog

Often overweight dog owners have overweight dogs… it’s somewhat connected. Getting in shape with your dog increases the bond between you along with a host of other benefits:

  • Slows the dogs aging process
  • Improves their metabolism
  • Regulates their sleep and appetite
  • Makes them happy!
  • Prevents obesity related problems

Why You Should Think About It

People have always enjoyed fitness retreats, taking time away from their home life to focus on shaping up. Now, more than ever, bringing your best friend and personal companion along will increase the longevity and fun of your fitness benefits! Think about it, when you go home, guess who’ll want to go for a walk!? Right now, come on, let’s go! What better personal trainer.

We all want to feel better and have a beautiful connection with our family members. Whistler Fitness Vacations might just be the place in 2019 to refocus and re-motivate your wellbeing – together.

Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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