Eating Disorder

Should you go to an eating disorder clinic? Or The Cat Smiley Boot Camp?

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a residential weight loss camp that is fitness-focused. It includes coaching through nutrition and life skills to give action steps for a lighter future. Unpacking emotional baggage (and detoxing from habits that led to you being 50-200 pounds overweight) might come with 'stuff' you need to deal with. Combine that with the rigours of the program, it can become overwhelming if you let it. This article helps you figure out where you might be the best supported, for this stage of your weight loss journey.
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My program cannot help you with an eating disorder

Below are symptoms of an eating disorder provided by

  • Obsession with weight or with staying thin
  • Being over conscious about eating (ie obsessive about times, amounts, and types of food to eat)
  • Dieting excessively
  • Exercising excessively
  • Binging and purging (eating lots of food and then vomiting to expel it from the body)
  • Fear of weight gain
  • Intense unhappiness with body size, shape or appearance


If you suspect that you err on the side of ED, please make an appointment with your family doctor. It’s the hardest thing to have the talk… yet they’ll help you design the best course of action. When you’ve been recovered from an eating disorder for two years, I’d love to talk again about being your coach. Healing takes medical guidance and support – something that Cat Smiley Boot Camp doesn’t offer.

outside boot camp

Outside boot camp

What Cat Smiley Boot Camp can help you with:

If you struggle with any of the following, and your coping doesn’t have above eating disorder symptoms, my coaching can help. I’m a certified Life Coach, certified Executive Coach and I have a diploma in Sport Management from Massey University. Click here to see my fitness and nutrition qualifications. 

  • Trouble losing weight
  • Binge eating
  • Inconsistent with exercise
  • Being in photos
  • Want to book an active trip, but feel too slow
  • Figuring out your priorities
  • Knowing what to do, but don’t do it
  • All or nothing mentality
  • Want to give up
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything
  • You focus on regret more than opportunity
  • Afraid to let yourself be seen


Let’s kick fear in the face together!

Share your mess with a coach who ‘get’s it’… permit yourself to RISE UP into the best version. Contact me here. 

boot camp training session

OBC56 gives you powerful boot camp training sessions

Personal Development

Most participants have therapy sessions over the phone throughout the week – separate from the program. Others may be reducing their anxiety and/or depression medication – certainly eliminating sugar, junk food and alcohol can be tough!

Some might be grieving… facing huge news in their life at home … newly single. Perhaps trying to make sense of self care, after neglecting it for years.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp brings you inwards, and sometimes that makes you crave more alone time than usual. Set up appointments with your mental health professional if needed (and bring some good books or projects).

Should you join our program, or an Eating Disorder Rehabilitation centre?

It’s important to be very clear as to what Cat Smiley Boot Camp offers. As your coach and athlete manager, my role is fitness focused. I have zero psychology or counselling training and stay one thousand percent within my professional qualifications.

My qualifications are coaching based, which helps you take action steps into the future. We don’t address the past, or help you understand how you got to this place of eating too much. That is the psychology umbrella. If you’ve had childhood trauma, divorce or a devastating event, struggle with destructive behaviour or bad relationships… my program isn’t the place to share that. This might sound harsh yet it’s for your own protection (and mine). Very likely I will say the wrong thing in response to your vulnerability share, which may well put you back in your progress.

Additionally, I choose not to bring that stuff into my work environment.

It upsets me on a personal level and I am not professionally trained to deal with it. This will negatively impact my work performance, as I am far too empathetic to be in the mental health profession. If this happens, other boot campers might not get the best from me in that day’s coaching sessions, which isn’t fair.

My role as your coach is to focus on optimistically moving forward with your next steps. Often this is done in conjunction with boot campers receiving zoom psychology sessions, or post-treatment.

For more information on West Coast Fitness Vacations social guidelines, check the terms and conditions carefully when you sign up. Note: this is not intended to silence or censor you, yet conversation in coaching sessions should be on topic with the curriculum. During hiking and driving hours, or outside of coaching, conversation should remain light and easy – like a dinner party or hair dresser session 🙂

Click here to review my qualifications and professional abilities

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