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Extended stay wellness retreats

For remote workers who want to be healthier in their daily routine 

Extended stay wellness retreats are a top priority for burnt out professionals especially, in this age of pandemic travel. Working from anywhere (WFA) is part of our lifestyle now. People want to get back their physical and emotional health, without taking time away from work. They can do that our residential weight loss camp packages.

Wellness workations

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a special place where women who struggle with exercise consistency can get into the fitness groove. Women work towards their weight loss transformation with exercise at a pace that both challenges but doesn’t overwhelm.

Through carefully figured out programming, you’ll feel safe and supported throughout your stay. Our staff-to-customer ratio is the best in the business. Health camp programs are personal, with small groups that are compatible with changing pace and comfort level. Daily hiking and walking is at endurance pace, in your training zone.

As the name suggests, this concept blends work with a vacation. It provides employees with the flexibility of taking their work along with them on vacation. Sounds like a dream, right? According to recent studies, flexible working conditions contribute significantly to the wellness of employees in several ways, including reduced stress, inspired creativity and overall happiness, among other benefits.


How long should you stay? 

If you’re looking to begin a more active lifestyle while learning valuable tips to implement at home, a month long fitness retreat is for you! Every day is different; with beautiful scenery. It’s the perfect way to experience the active side of yourself safely – at your fitness level.

Tired of starting over? Our two month weight loss camp will take you into the habit of making healthier, fitter and lighter choices. You’ll maximize weight loss results, being guided through the stages of motivation to continue at home. 

Longer programs (12 and 30 weeks) will give you similar results to fat camp shows that you may have seen on TV, such as the Biggest Loser. These shows are often dubbed as ‘fat farms’ by mainstream media, yet is similar setup to our fitness boot camp. You’ll work together with your coach and team mates in a closed environment to achieve 100 lbs weight loss transformation. 

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