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5 questions answered about fat camps for adults

It’s a risky word. Yet times are changing, using the word is rapidly becoming more socially acceptable as an adjective.

Google ‘ fat camps for adults ‘ and you’ll mostly find articles like ‘why our weight loss retreat is not a fat camp.’ 

This post helps get more accurate answers.

READ> Fat Camp: The f word that 2021 won’t let you say

1- What is a fat camp? 

Below is the first thing that pops up on google.

noun: fat camp; plural noun: fat camps
a residential summer program for overweight children, promoting exercise and healthy eating to facilitate weight loss.

2- Do fat camps work?

Yes! Fat camps such as Cat Smiley Boot Camp work to help adults lose weight and keep it off. Hundreds of happy customers have used a combination of fitness, nutrition, and education to achieve sustainable results.  

3- How much weight can you lose at fat camp?

This will depend on your starting weight and how much of a caloric deficit you are in during your program. Most participants lose about 20 lbs a month, some more at our wellness retreat on Vancouver Island (Canada).  

4- Are there actual fat camps?

Yes, they do but you’ll see them named as a weight loss camp, or wellness retreat program. Today’s weight loss camps provide integrative education and empowered learning, to ensure long term results. Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a residential weight loss program (‘fat camp’) in Canada that is safe and results focused. We not only get you fit, we show you how to make fitness a permanent way of life.

5- Who started calling it that? 

The term fat camp originated 20 years ago; ‘Cartman’ from South Park, was sent to fat camp to lose weight. It popularized as a slang term for a weight loss camp, mostly for children. Reality TV shows such as The Biggest Loser (2002) showed the world that adults also benefit from the format.

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