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What to expect during COVID-19 travel

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is especially well suited to these times. Since we reopened in September, many have traveled to us. Their positive feedback and support of our safety procedures makes us very confident that we’re operating responsibly. Of course, many safety protocols and revised measures have been implemented. As the world slowly reopens, we’ll continue to monitor and build on what we’ve learned to operate responsibly. Below you can learn about the extra precautions we’re taking, to help decide if our program is right for you, when you’re ready to travel again.
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COVID-19 safety measures

Thankfully, there have not been any known cases of transmission at our fitness camp. However out of caution, Cat Smiley Boot Camp requires boot campers to verify proof of negative COVID-19 results from a test taken within 3 days from their last public transport. This is required for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated participants.

We’re working with our staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible. It’s strongly recommended that all boot campers get vaccinated prior to participation if feasible. Please understand that your temperature may be taken at any time by one of our team. If it reads more than 100°F (38°C)., you’ll be unable to continue until you’re well.

Arriving 72 hours prior to start

You’re required to self-isolate on Vancouver Island 72 hours prior to commencing Cat Smiley, to be ready to join our ‘work bubble’.

These extra days are booked and paid for by you, at a hotel of your choice. Self-isolation means avoiding situations where you could come in contact with others (learn more here). You will need to use delivery/pickup services for groceries or other needs, and social distance.

If you prefer to be at the Sunrise Ridge Resort early, we can help you with reserving a room. Sometimes we’re able to book the same room for you, for the duration of your stay.

PCR Testing

On Friday – the day after you arrive in Vancouver Island – you’ll need to get tested to allow 24-48 hours to access results. As asymptomatic testing falls outside of B.C. public health recommendations, private pay testing is required. CVM Medical provides PCR testing in nearby Nanaimo with guaranteed 48 hour results. CVM Medical is run by flight nurses and physicians, with a private lab run through approved and accredited procedures. If you book testing on Friday (hours 08:00am to 12.00pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday), you’ll receive results on time to start boot camp on Monday.

Note, even if you provided negative COVID-19 test prior to your flight (or traveled by ferry from Vancouver), PCR testing from Vancouver Island health clinic is still required prior to participation in Cat Smiley Boot Camp.

Click here to book your test 

Face masks & sanitizer

Boot Campers must carry their face masks and sanitizers with them at all times.

Face masks are required whenever we are in contact with people outside of the program, such as overtaking hikers on a single-track trail. The only indoor public setting we visit is the supermarket on Monday, and in common areas of the hotel. Face masks are not used during workouts as we are outdoors with physical distancing in effect. You may, of course, use your mask whenever you wish including for workouts and in the courtesy shuttle.

As we often use outhouses on the hiking trails, it’s essential for each boot camper to carry their own sanitizer.

Cleanliness during your stay

The Sunrise Ridge Resort was carefully selected in part because of their high quality cleaning and safety protocols (read them here). No public facilities are used for your workouts. An exception to this is the private fitness room at your lodging, used as a backup. We do home workouts, coaching sessions and food management with your small group (up to 3 others) in guest rooms.

Equipment and shuttle vans receive daily cleaning, with all common surface areas disinfected. Boot Campers use the same equipment for duration of their stay when possible, and carry their own personal basics such as yoga mats.

Food preparation is all done by boot campers in their private guest room following WHO & CDC guidelines. Extra training is provided on the first day of the weight loss camp to ensure each boot camper is up-to-date on food handling procedures.

Preparedness & Support

Cat Smiley Boot Camp has been operating fitness camps since 2008, and has run over 450 weeks of programming. When the pandemic began, we were unable to operate for six months. We spent this time rebuilding our business model to be resilient to COVID shut-downs, and that process included moving to Vancouver Island. Our previous location was world famous and attracted millions of international travellers each year, increasing risk of exposure to both locals and visitors.

The rebranded, relaunched business model of Cat Smiley Boot Camp involved moving to monthly packages and reduced occupancy. Previously we welcomed up to 16 guests per week, now we have 4 per month. Once the borders open, we will have up to 12 boot campers per month with new programs starting once a month. Private and small group participation allows extra customization and safety.

All boot campers have a private condo for the duration of their weight loss camp, allowing you to socialize as much – or as little – as you wish. While all meals are included in your program fees, you can choose to dine together or alone.

Another change is reduced people in the courtesy shuttle that drives us to the daily activities. This means that there’s more space to distance – you can spread out when driving to the trails.

Trusting your team

From day one Monday, you’ll join the Cat Smiley Boot Camp work bubble with your coach and new team mates. This means, we all need to work together to minimize risk of exposure. For this reason, there is a mandatory requirement to self-isolate from anyone who is not in your program when you are outside of scheduled hours. No shopping, malls, visiting cafe’s … no visiting friends or traveling in the weekends… no visiting Vancouver to see family in your time off.

If you must leave team lodging for medical care, use private vehicle or taxi. Use delivery/pick up services for anything you need to buy. An exception to this is massage and physiotherapy treatments which are a valuable support to your experience at boot camp. There is a full-service spa next door to your lodging that provides wonderful, safe services. Book well ahead of your stay, to ensure availability (Saturday and Sunday appointments).

Responsible leadership

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is committed to abiding by all regional COVID-19 requirements for the health and safety of our customers, local partners and staff. It’s a requirement that we have these regulations to allow us to safely operate. We take this responsibility really seriously and require that boot campers do the same.

For this reason, if we become aware of anyone in violation of either entry requirements or self-isolation requirements during their stay, they unfortunately will not be able to participate further. Cat Smiley Boot Camp will not refund program fees to anyone who is unable to participate in our program, and doesn’t reimburse any related expenses.

We’re here for you

If you have any questions, call our office at 778-424-0074. We’re open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm, PST. Our team has been trained in new protocol to follow should extra support for health issues be required during your stay. Cat Smiley Boot Camp coaches and fitness team is staffed for emergencies with first aid and CPR training. We’re here to manage logistics around any adjustments needed during your trip, as we operate in these uncertain times.

We’ve relaxed our booking policies for COVID-19 related terms. Click to view updates.

The latest recommendations from WHO and CDC will always override any decisions we’ve implemented, in this ever-changing crisis. While it’s essential that you monitor information related to your travel arrangements, local authorities are also determining our policies. We will communicate any news to you that may impact your trip.

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