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Weight loss boot camp
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Fitness classes at Cat Smiley include strength, balance, aerobic conditioning, agility, coordination, power, anaerobic and endurance workouts. Prevent injuries and build multiple foundations of fitness with carefully designed fitness classes and training. Master new skills and elevate your perception of what you can achieve – within the safety parameters for your ability.


At Cat Smiley Boot Camp, we teach you the smart approach to staying flexible with easy-to follow routines. Increase sports mobility and breathing control while improving posture and preventing injury. Classes are modified for those with restrictions or limited mobility.


Speed, quickness and agility training improves functional specific movements. Using beginner pace, we’ll train fitness ladders, hurdles and other fun equipment. Boost muscular power, reaction time and motor skills getting quicker each day.


Training fundamentals with BOSU, yoga, stretching and coordination to build lean muscle mass and boost metabolism. These classes focus on form correction and program setup to take home.

Strength training (with just 6 feet of floor space) gets you comfortable with continuing your workouts in hotel rooms, or wherever you may be.


Our weight loss boot camp has hiking as the core activity focus. Every day, you’ll be on the trails, keeping a good pace… cardio walking and enjoying the serene coastline and pristine forests. Experience Vancouver Islands natural adventures with convenience and confidence. Cat Smiley Boot Camp includes guided hiking on the most beautiful local trails. Everything get’s worked on the trails, from the larger muscles to the tiny ligaments you never knew you had! Hiking is an empowering adventure – and great workout!


Working out on a beach gives an experience like no other! As you hear seagulls chirp, and waves gently crashing you’ll quickly forget about your beating heart rate. Adrenaline is raised as you propel through bodyweight exercises and learn to trust yourself in a gentle run. Everything works together to balance and stabilize, building core strength and confidence.

The workout schedule at Cat Smiley Boot Camp is put together with an ebb-and-flow to create significant changes in your body composition. As the weeks go by you’ll find yourself gaining confidence and feeling stronger every day. What could be more motivating!

The transformation camp designed by
Canada’s top fitness trainer

Christi Kolb, Alabama
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This wellness retreat has truly jump started my fitness regime – after 20 years of inactivity I have met some amazing, strong women who I am glad to call friends. I’m motivated to keep going!
Rose Rhine, Alberta
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I achieved far more than I had ever expected. I awoke to the ‘old me’ – a person with drive and determination. She was asleep for a long time but Cat, you gave her a wake up call and I’ll be forever grateful.
Bobbie McGowan, Ottawa
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Cat Smiley Boot Camp transformed my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The kick ass, no excuses workouts combined with insightful discussions were the tools needed to take back control. Cat is a great motivator and listener; she genuinely cares about helping her clients attain their goals and live healthier, more rewarding lives. My month was one of the most challenging but rewarding things I’ve ever done.
Aisha Zaida, Pakistan
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Wow, what a weight loss boot camp I’ve had! Cat has an incredible reservoir of knowledge on all things wellness. I also consider her a dear friend now and will forever be grateful for all the love and support.