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Guided beginner workouts in the beautiful mountains

Typical day at our fitness retreat

Whistler Fitness Vacations uses a multiple activity workout schedule for the premium packages, as these are small group format. These packages are set up with weight loss as the key focus, which means that everyone is working towards the same common goal. Usually we bike twice a week, hike three times a week and kayak once a week – with popup fitness classes between the activities of the day. Personal development, education and power workshops are also part of our weekly schedule.

Trip styles for the Whistler Fitness Vacations private packages are customized to fit the clients perfect vacation plan. These might include dog friendly custom guided hiking weeks, or beginner hiking tours for a couple of friends in Whistler for the weekend. We also get bookings from those wanting the private version of our premium package, while they stay in their own lodging.

Both the private and small group programs of our fitness retreat include outdoor personal training, whenever the occasion presents itself. This could be some lower body strength training while the last person in the group catches up, or a stretch class in the forest.

Come enjoy an active day with us, at Whistler Fitness Vacations! We promise to make it GREAT. The pinnacle fitness retreat experience at Whistler Fitness Vacations is the adventure that comes with two giant mountains, and endless ways to explore. Below is a sample of customized activity that may be part of your fitness schedule, depending on trip style selected.

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Hiking & Walking

Discover the ancient glaciers and volcanic history of both the Whistler valley and alpine – while revisiting the iconic places made famous by the 2010 Olympic Games. Have lunch under the Olympic rings on Blackcomb Mountain, or snap a photo with the Inukshuk on the Top of The World at the Whistler peak (summer sessions only).

With multiple group levels and route plans carefully designed for each guest, you’ll feel safe (and confident) in your abilities. Whistler’s incredible valley links over 40 kms. of multi-use trails that wind between the stunning lakes, forests and rivers. Alpine hiking is scheduled for July and August guests looking to challenge themselves in the world famous Peak2Peak accessed terrain.

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Take in the stunning landscape of Whistler’s valley while cruising along the 40km paved trails that link our best scenic spots. With the company of our experienced fitness retreat guides, you’ll love the customized routes that we put together for you!

Our fleet of Townie Cruiser bikes has big padded seats and high handlebars so that any guest over 5’2 can ride safely. Hiking and biking is part of the aerobic requirement needed for body transformation goals. Training targets are carefully assigned, and heart rate monitors are essential.

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Fitness Kayaking

Fitness kayaking in one of the valleys most picturesque lakes is one of the best aerobic workouts of the week. With kayaks and life jackets to fit all sizes, even if you’ve never paddled, stable single boats and detailed instructions will get you quickly confident. With professionally qualified kayak instructors on hand to give you tips, kayaking is unguided free time for you to enjoy.

Athletic Conditioning

During your fitness retreat, you’ll learn techniques and form to improve overall athleticism. Using medicine balls and fun training tools (such as hurdles and ladders) these workouts are fun, empowering and playful.

  • Calories burned per minute: 15
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 45 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 675
Learn To Run 583x328 570dd778d299a7ec288635941a6b051c - Fitness Activities

Learn To Run

If you feel stuck in a fast walk then this workshop will be truly transformative – it’s one of the most memorable workshop! You’ll learn the adaptive form of gentle jogging that will elevate your heart rate without putting pain or discomfort on your joints.

  • Calories burned per minute: 10
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 60 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 600
Water Boot Camp 583x328 d24a6a93b43e4737997f5d0074bfccf9 - Fitness Activities

Water Boot Camp

When the pool is quiet, we offer this class with our guests who are staying at the Westin. This high-intensity zero impact class uses barbells, buoyancy belts, and resistance fins. We keep your head above water and your heart in the cardio zone throughout. The forgiving water environment lets you sprint, jump and do exercises that you never thought possible.

  • Calories burned per minute: 13
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 30 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 400

Sports Stretch

Our stretch classes are truly an inspiring experience, especially when we get to go onto the Lost Lake dock surrounded by water! We’ll teach you easy-to-follow routines that will drastically improve your mobility, with yoga inspired moves that are adjusted for you.

  • Calories burned per minute: 12
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 30 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 360
Strength Training 583x328 bac01149714cd365787e5de3268fdd5a - Fitness Activities

Strength Training

We’ll introduce you to the basics of strength training with simple exercises that you can do at home. Outdoor workouts are one of the best parts of your fitness retreat, and we also use the health club at the Westin sometimes. You’ll learn restorative conditioning exercises throughout your fitness retreat experience.

  • Calories burned per minute: 23
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 60 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 1380

Sample Day at Whistler Fitness Vacations premium

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Wake up 6am, water and tea/coffee, head downstairs to health club to complete one mile self-test on treadmill. Return to room for 7am to have morning smoothie and stretch. Get ready for coaches meeting for 8.30am.

8.30-2pm scheduled activity

Progress update, briefing, questions, concerns followed by pace assignments based on your mile time. 9am depart for morning activity at the fitness retreat, example 2 hours higher intensity power hiking in the Brandywine Falls, visiting stunning old growth forests. Return to your room at Westin at 11.30 for lunch, check phone etc.

Noon, meet downstairs for reassignment of afternoon session based on how the morning went. If cardio quota (in the morning example it was 2 hours high intensity) was met, you’ve got 1 hour of moderate remaining. Sample assignment might be: 2km kayak fitness workout combined with a deep stretching session with your coach, on the dock.

After 2pm, free time

Return to the Westin for 2pm, team get-together updating workout journals and pep talk on realistic goal setting, or support on app tracking. Group planning for tomorrows bike tour of the three-lakes valley trail around Whistler. Beginner boot camp workout on the sandy volleyball park under snow-capped peaks.

From about 2.30pm you’ve got free time, take a nap, do your laundry, go into town, or meet the others for a glorious steam and hot tub. The health club is steps away from your guest room, with indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Cook dinner at 5pm, just like it’s your own Whistler apartment. Option to eat with other fitness retreat guests or on your own.

After dinner, read a book, watch Netflix, stretch, walk into town… or work on your passion project. You’ll be craving a restful evening, catch an early night sleep. The next day, look at that – another pound lost – and you’re motivated to do it all again.

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