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The fitness retreat where exercise is FUN!

We have three kinds of trip styles: Multi-sport, Just Hiking, and Just Biking. If selecting ‘Just Walking’ or ‘Just Biking’ you won’t be walking or biking all day, every day. To keep things safe for your fitness level and increase variety for this fitness retreat, you’ll also have fitness classes and workshops.

The multi-sport trips include activities at a beginner to intermediate, moderate pace that works your fitness level. We stop where feels natural, employing fitness guides not ‘tour guides’. The difference is in the pace – it’s designed to give each participant a workout, as the primary goal. With no more than 4 women per instructor, we strive to group compatible fitness levels as best as possible.

  • Biking is on a comfort women’s bicycle. Terrain is paved, sometimes hilly (#WhistlerFlat) valley trail up to 2 hours/day.
  • Walking requirement is to be able to walk up to 2-3 hours comfortably at a moderate pace over undulating terrain.
  • Kayaking; we recommend some swimming ability as a precaution. It’s in a lake, single kayak, for one hour a week, with life-jackets and instruction provided.

The pinnacle fitness retreat experience at Whistler Fitness Vacations is the adventure that comes with two giant mountains, and endless ways to explore. Below is a sample of customized activity that may be part of your fitness schedule, depending on trip style selected.

fitness retreat activities - whistler mountain hiking

Hiking & Trail Running

Discover the ancient glaciers and volcanic history of both the Whistler valley and alpine – while revisiting the iconic places made famous by the 2010 Olympic Games. Have lunch under the Olympic rings on Blackcomb Mountain, or snap a photo with the Inukshuk on the Top of The World at the Whistler peak (summer sessions only).

With multiple group levels and route plans carefully designed for each guest, you’ll feel safe (and confident) in your abilities. Whistler’s incredible valley links over 40 kms. of multi-use trails that wind between the stunning lakes, forests and rivers. Alpine hiking is scheduled for July and August guests looking to challenge themselves in the world famous Peak2Peak accessed terrain.

fitness retreat - luxury wellness retreats


Take in the stunning landscape of Whistler’s valley while cruising along the 40km paved trails that link our best scenic spots. With the company of our experienced fitness retreat guides, you’ll love the customized routes that we put together for you, based on your fitness needs and biking experience.

Our fleet of Townie Cruiser bikes has big padded seats and high handlebars so that any guest over 5’2 can ride safely. Hiking and biking is part of the aerobic requirement needed for body transformation goals. Training targets are carefully assigned, and heart rate monitors are essential.

fitness activity - Fitness Kayaking

Fitness Kayaking

Fitness kayaking in one of the valleys most picturesque lakes is one of the best aerobic workouts of the week. With kayaks and life jackets to fit all sizes, even if you’ve never paddled, stable single boats and detailed instructions from our friends at Whistler Eco Tours will get you quickly confident. With professionally qualified kayak instructors on hand to give you tips, kayaking is unguided free time for you to enjoy.

Athletic Conditioning

Athletic Conditioning

During your fitness retreat, you’ll usually have opportunity to learn techniques and form to improve agility, coordination, power, strength and overall athleticism. Using medicine balls and fun training tools (such as hurdles and ladders) it’s fun, empowering and playful.

  • Calories burned per minute: 15
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 45 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 675
dry january whistler fitness retreat

Learn To Run

If you feel stuck in a fast walk then this workshop will be truly transformative. One of the most memorable workshops at our weight loss retreat, for those with knee or hip injuries, you’ll learn the adaptive form of gentle jogging that will elevate your heart rate without putting pain or discomfort on your joints.

  • Calories burned per minute: 10
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 60 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 600
fitness retreat activities - Water Boot Camp

Water Boot Camp

However, when the pool is quiet and registration numbers are lower, we sometimes offer this class with our guests who are staying at the Westin. This high-intensity zero impact class uses barbells, buoyancy belts, and resistance fins. We keep your head above water and your heart in the cardio zone throughout. The forgiving water environment lets you sprint, jump and do exercises that you never thought possible.

  • Calories burned per minute: 13
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 30 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 400
fitness retreat Sports Stretch

Sports Stretch

However, our stretch classes are anything but boring! Learn the smart approach to stay flexible with our easy-to-follow routines. Increase your sports mobility and learn how to control your breathing while you achieve multi-region positions.

  • Calories burned per minute: 12
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 30 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 360
luxury wellness retreats: personal training

Strength Training

During this Fitness Retreat We’ll introduce you to the basics of strength training and will show you simple exercises that you can do at home. You’ll also Learn to push, dip, stabilize, bend and challenge your body. They are simple moves that will tone and strengthen you in mind, body and spirit. However, you’ll challenge yourself through lunges, squats, kicks and exercises that will torch calories.

  • Calories burned per minute: 23
  • Estimated Time To Complete: 60 minutes
  • Total Calories Burned: 1380

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