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Why this retreat in Canada MUST be on your 2022 bucket list

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a residential weight loss camp on Vancouver Island, B.C. Here are 3 great reasons to go.

1 – You just can’t beat the beauty of British Columbia

Come for the weather, stay for the views. Giant glacial-fed lakes and crystal glaciers, towering mountains and miles of sandy beach. It feels rugged, yet comfortable. B.C. is also a top choice for safe, vibrant cities and quaint, artistic towns, all enriched by a blend of cultures. 

British Columbia, Canada’s most western province, is truly breathtaking – surrounded by Pacific coastline and stunning mountain ranges.  B.C. is the perfect location for all types of wellness travel. With hiking for weight loss our key focus, you’ll be with other women who’ll keep you motivated. There’s a huge benefit to outdoor workouts; pushing yourself in natural terrain.

2 – You can stay for a couple of months! 

Extended stay weight loss camps upgrade your life dramatically – in every sense. Results are incredible – click here to watch videos from some of happy boot campers who have done our wellness retreat in Canada. Many of our customers have spent their whole lives trying to lose weight. Simply put, they want to have a weight loss transformation that sticks.

3 – Purpose-driven travel makes you feel less guilty about taking time away.

One of the biggest — if not the biggest — barrier to practicing self-care is guilt. Women, in particular, feel incredibly guilty for tending to their needs. Self-care is everything from getting enough sleep to being honest with your spouse. It’s giving yourself what you need and asking what you need from others.

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It’s a joy to introduce women to new adventures at our fitness retreat in Canada – that they might not otherwise visit on their own. Our weight loss retreats empower women to get fit, feel great and say yes to new adventures while creating lasting friendships along the way. Join us!

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