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Best fitness camps for beginners

Our fitness boot camp will help you discover the physical activity best for your body, including medical conditions that require special care. Let’s focus on what you can do with movement that feels good.

The activity at our weight loss camp includes workshops, nutrition, fitness classes, small group training and hiking adventures. We keep you motivated throughout your stay to create lasting change!

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is a small team coaching experience and personal approach. Everyone is at beginner level with the same goals. This bonds us, making it both fun and motivating.

Athlete management

Each boot camper has an athletic manager assigned personally to them, to ensure the schedule allows them to both feel – and be – successful. Boot Campers attend every part of the schedule, so that they progress responsibly and achieve a balanced week of workouts.
The workouts progress with you, adapted for your abilities to ensure you complete the program successfully. Extended stay boot campers start and finish at the same time, allowing pace increase and improved performance as a team.
We provide customized fitness programming, based on participant’s daily training response, weather and physical readiness. Groups are assigned according to pace and comfort level.

Everything you need in one place

Shaping up as an obese beginner can be complicated, uncomfortable and frustrating. Simplify it with Cat Smiley, the weight loss retreat that offers start-to-finish 100lb weight loss transformations.
Helaine Morres, Washington
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To think is to create - and Cat Smiley Boot Camp is truly a physical, mental and spiritual transformation. I'm so excited to be able to believe in myself again. This wellness retreat program is magnificent, set in gorgeous surroundings with tremendous people. I cannot express my gratitude enough! THANK YOU!
Martha Israel, Vermont
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Cat Smiley Boot Camp has been an amazing experience for me. It has empowered me to know that I can be healthy and fit for the rest of my life.
Marni Bonin, Washington
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Cat Smiley Boot Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone while still respecting my limitations and helping me avoid injury. I plan to carry on at home. Kudos!
Sepideh Akhaveissy, Texas
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These 8 weeks have gone by so fast! I am much stronger mentally and physically. I owe it to you, Cat! I FEEL ALIVE! Thank you. Thanks for being my coach. You have truly the best fitness camps and your program really worked.