Why It’s Better To Focus On Wellness, Not Weight Loss

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Getting Back Into Fitness (When You’ve Lost Your Groove)

People who actually LOVE working out give out a positive aura of motivation. It?s easy to create an ?ultimate workout plan? with the best intentions to SUCCEED. Yet to actually make that intention sustainable through those days where you just can?t get out of bed? that?s a whole other ball game.

In reality, for sure there?ll be moments upcoming that?ll derail your fitness programming. But it?s not about throwing in the towel. It?s about learning how to work with these things that threaten you to derail.  The reality is, everyone at some point will toss their fitness to the side. Even the fittest have their moments of giving in to their beds rather than hitting it hard at the gym. 

Here are a few ways to make exercise a permanent way of life, focusing on being healthier and happier as the goal. 

The Science Behind Morning Workouts

Have you ever been excited about a great idea at 7am, when you woke up ready to seize the day? Yet by 5pm when your kids need to be fed? or boss wants you to work late? or perhaps your best friend calls needing a pep talk? you?ve forgotten your 7am motivation? Blame it on science. 

Caleb Marshall, a YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers (The Fitness Marshall) says; 

?The anterior cingulate cortex is a part of the brain that is responsible for self-control. It wakes up at full force but is gradually lessening its grip as the day goes by. It tires lineally, so as the day wears on, your ability to resist temptation becomes weaker. So something that seemed like a good idea at 10 am can end up feeling like that last thing you want to do come 5 pm.?   

So while you likely can?t remember all that?just think ? dwindling motivation later in the day might just be scientifically backed. Wake up and get your workout done early!  

Be Kind To Yourself

Knowing what upgrades your lifestyle gives you the tools to DO WHAT IS NECESSARY to stay on track. It helps you to focus on consistency so that moving forward is the only way. Marshal suggests building habits that can help get away from motivation slump. Make use of a neurological loop. Find a habit to instill, hook it up to a trigger, and then reward a job well done. 

?A neurological loop ? of trigger, ritual, reward ? forms good habits,? he explains. ?The trigger fires the starting pistol ? this could be placing your alarm out of reach, so you have to get out of bed to press snooze. The ritual needs to be as barrier-free as possible, so go to the gym armed with a 15-minute circuit or do a pre-planned workout in your living room. Afterward, reward yourself. My reward is an espresso ? I know that if I don?t do my workout, I have to go without.? 

Remember Why You Started

To get back into fitness with enthusiasm, try to envision a healthy future. Think of all the benefits of having a healthy future ? being able to play with your grandkids, taking vacations comfortably, being able to feel good in your clothes. Most likely, you started to workout because you wanted a better life for yourself. Remember the driving point that made you start exercising in the first place.

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Switch Up Your Workouts

Workouts aren’t always fun, but they should always be motivating. Changing workout sets, repetitions, and order will keep you challenged by giving muscles new stimulus. At home, educate yourself with new workout ideas with fitness magazines and books. Or better yet, hire a personal trainer. There are different approaches to fitness so expect fresh or exciting ways to challenge yourself.

Hire Your Kid As Your Trainer!

Trainers are not the only people out there who can put you back on your feet. Once, I grabbed a 10-year-old neighbor who was always shooting hoops at the school where I was trying to motivate myself to do sprint training. I asked his mom first, but essentially the deal was that I?d give him $1 per sprint I did. All he had to do was make me do it. His mom agreed, and whenever I?d slack off or make excuses, he?d come to find me at my house and said, ?You said you would be here doing sprints!? And so I?d feel ethically obliged to do what I told this kid I would do?.sprints. Got into the shape of my life that summer!

Give Yourself The Moment

Cups of tea, books to read, phone call with a friend, early nights, hot showers? these things are no different than exercise in the way they gather positive vibes and feed your soul.

Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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