Hiking for weight loss

Hiking for weight loss & fitness

Daily walking

The hiking on Vancouver Island is truly paradise. At Cat Smiley Boot Camp, you’ll enjoy daily walking or hiking on some of the planets most gorgeous trails. Increase your fitness level and challenge yourself outdoors, gaining confidence with each hike completed.

Wilderness safety is of top priority at our fitness retreat – each boot camper is briefed on the hikers responsibility code when they arrive, in addition to
gear checks prior to heading out. If you’ve never hiked before, don’t be nervous! We’ve carefully designed the routes to be suitable for our groups ability.

Hiking FAQ

Yes, we select the route based on each participants and each groups ability, with hiking for weight loss and improved fitness our key goal. The hiking trails are not wilderness trails – they are within
municipal boundaries and always in the cell range.

Yes, that can be helpful.

Abundant wildlife is part of Vancouver Islands protected ecosystem. So yes, cougars and bears are an inherent risk but we manage this carefully, hiking in populous trails, monitoring sightings and carrying extra  protection in the extremely rare chance it is needed.

Your fitness guide will be wildlife savvy and knowledgeable in all elements of leading you safely. In 20 years of operating hiking focused wellness retreats in Canada, we’ve never had a wildlife incident that has impacted our operations. You might see snakes in spring but none poisonous.

There’s zero possibility of getting lost because you’ll be guided by our experienced and responsible fitness team. Cat Smiley Boot Camp has a hiking trail menu of about 8 trails that we use and follow each day. All guides are first aid certified, we can provide medical attention if needed, and all trails are ambulance assessable.

Not if you’re arriving at base fitness requirements, and have full attendance in the daily weight loss camp schedule. We ensure that everyone is pushed to maximum levels and not beyond. Hiking is a daily component of the fitness camp workout schedule. These hikes have two intentions: restorative for the fitter participants, or highest intensity for the less fit participants. We have a 4-person pace split and some municipal trails are independently completed at assigned pace.


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Debbie Hankin, St. Louis, USA
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This has been an excellent kick in the rear to challenge my fitness. British Columbia is an exceptional place to begin this journey. I am excited to head home and implement the ideas and concepts that I’ve learned. Thank you to Cat and team!
Aisha Zaida, Pakistan
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Wow, what a month I’ve had! Cat Smiley Boot Camp has been the perfect combination of a challenge and a fitness retreat. I have been pushed, been taught that I actually CAN do the things I thought I couldn’t. Case in point: RUNNING??!!! Cat has an incredible reservoir of knowledge on all things fitness. I also consider her a dear friend now and will forever be grateful for all the love and support.
Ann Gray, Portland
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Cat, this has been a wonderful way to spend my birthday month. I really learned a lot and will be able to do this at home. thanks so much, you’ve changed my future!

Dominika Jones, Ontario
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Thank you to the whole team at Cat Smiley Boot Camp - for providing me the opportunity to overcome my many fears and remove obstacles that prevented me from being the best version of myself. It’s been a great month!