Local Area

Parksville welcomes you

Our town has always been so much more than a world-class travel destination – it’s an easy place to get lost in time. Some say the sandy beaches, scrapbooking stores and ice cream parlours make it feel like Florida!

Parksville weather is invigorating and refreshing, even on the hottest day. We welcome about half a million visitors to our destination town each year, with most of those in summer. During Cat Smiley Boot Camp months it’s a sleepy ocean town.

The population is about 13,000 and we’re statistically the oldest community in Canada. The average age here is 64! It’s inspiring to be getting in shape amongst active seniors, sharing the same gorgeous trails as our team.

Local area attractions

Arts & Culture

  • Potters Guild
  • Arts Centre
  • Art Glass
  • Museums


  • Farmers Markets
  • Beach Shops

Local Attractions

  • French Creek Marina
  • Wildlife Recovery Centre
  • Milner Gardens
  • Birdwatching
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Nearby whale watching
  • Seal colonies
  • Aquatic Center
  • GOLF
  • Fairwinds


  • Country Club
  • Morningstar

Events & Festivals

  • Brant Wildlife Festival
  • Coombs Fair
  • Live entertainment

The fastest, most enjoyable way to resolve obesity

MJ, Sydney Australia
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To Cat, a big massive thanks to having me. Your care, passion and knowledge about the human body is priceless when shared in this format of month long fitness retreat. You’ve changed my life and it’s worth every penny. A true investment in my future self has been made this month and I’m super excited for the return! Thank you also for taking care of my specific needs at fat camp and ensuring I’m doing something everyday for me. I will definitely stay in touch and show you my progress. My goal – happy weight- is October this year. I’D SAY WISH ME LUCK BUT I DON’T NEED IT, JUST THE TOOLS YOU’VE GIVEN ME. Lots of love!

Linda, Alberta
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I lost almost 60 pounds in my 8 week stay here at Cat Smiley Boot Camp. What an amazing experience! I’ve taken away so much. I’ve had a great kick- start and now feel I can become healthy independently. You are awesome Cat, for being so attentive and dedicated to my success. Thank you.
Karen Hill, Ontario
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Cat you’ve given so much. i will forever be grateful in lessons learnt; like, it is okay to exercise in the rain. You’ve taken away my excuses and negative self-talk that kept me from doing, being and living. Nyawen kowa (big thank you)
Karen Van Wyk, B.C.
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Thank you so much - you run truly the best fitness camps! A great experience! Pushed to my potential, supportive women, beautiful nature, great accommodation and location. This wellness retreat has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, and health. Keep up the good work!