I Walked 15,000 Steps In Macao (And This Is What I Saw)

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Yesterday I woke up and spontaneously went to Macao! Wahoo! I knew nothing about this place except the gambling, and that I had to bring my passport.

As a fitness trainer and avid gym goer, hitting step quota is the base minimum of what I can do to feel authentic in my values. I mean, I insist that my clients do it, so it wouldn?t feel right if I didn?t! Walking is such an important part of living to your potential as a human being. It?s what we were designed to do!

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If you?ve been following me recently, you?ll know I?m randomly roaming around Asia for ten weeks. With all the new and amazing things to see, hitting step quota (15,000 minimum) is easily done.


Macau ranks #6 of the world?s smallest countries, with land less than 30 square kilometers. To put that in perspective, if you thought downtown Vancouver was crowded, Macau has 100 times more people per foot of land space ? and around the same population. An incredible ?almost? one million people live in ? what is known as the Las Vegas of Asia, located a short jet ride away from Hong Kong central.

Just 40 miles away from Hong Kong, Macau is one of the most unique places to visit in Asia with its Portuguese and Chinese Heritage. In the 1500s, the Portuguese arrived in Macau and turned the place into one of the significant trading routes between Asia and Europe. By 1999, Macau ? like Hong Kong ? was handed back to China. The policy of ?one country, two systems? was also applied here. China and Portugal signed an agreement stating that Macau will have its own immigration controls, monetary system, and legal system.

IMG 5144 - I Walked 15,000 Steps In Macao (And This Is What I Saw)

Senado Square

If you love historical buildings and Portuguese architecture, you?ll definitely love Senado Square. I know I did. It was so much fun people watching, walking around and having coffee in one of the cafes. The streets are wavey-like mosaic pavements that are really a delight. It made walking more fun!

St. Pauls Cathedral Ruins

With all the walking I had to do in Macau, I was happy I wore comfortable shoes. The streets weren?t completely even but the historical and stunning views made up for it. St Pauls Cathedral Ruins is one of the best spots to take great photos.

IMG 5183 - I Walked 15,000 Steps In Macao (And This Is What I Saw)

A-Ma Temple

The A-Ma Temple is probably one of the nicest temples around Macau. It?s small in size but very authentic. It seems that you can see some ceremonies here with the bells and the gongs. Unfortunately, I didn?t see any. Though, if you?re lucky, you might.

Abour Taosim

This popular website explains: ?Taoism teaches a person to follow their breath, to embrace wonder and the joy of living gracefully with style.?

They explain that it?s based on 3 simple principals:
– Acceptance of your life.
– Following your breath to find peace.
– Opening up a smile to enable possibility.
Tao literally means ??the way?? and is a pretty common religion/philosophy in China.

Mount Fortress

Mount Fortress is just a quick climb from St Paul?s. From the bottom of the hill, I walked up to the fortress and passed many beautiful gardens and ancient trees. This alone made my visit worth it. When I reached the top, the view of Macau was stunning! It?s no wonder why the Mount Fortress is considered to be one of the World Heritage Sites.

IMG 5268 - I Walked 15,000 Steps In Macao (And This Is What I Saw)

Here?s a view from the top. Can you spot St Paul?s? From the Mount Fortress, you can see the well-tended beautiful parks with lots of floral displays. There?s also a diversity of gorgeous gardens and lush greeneries all around Macau despite all the crazy skyscrapers.  I?ve seen locals enjoy the tranquility the place brings with some Tai Chi.

All the Caribbean colors and vibe made me feel like I was in Portugal. The 18-century churches resemble gingerbread cookies with its bright colors. With the glimmering mega casinos, Macau is such a colorful, bright and happy place to be.

So much joyful color and I loved the Spanish feel of the cobblestones from Senata square and beyond, all around the tourist district.

If you love historical places, as well as walking, Macau is a must-visit. By the time I was done exploring the place, I went back to my gorgeous hotel in time for the sunset and a swim. I was really feeling proud, accomplished, and adventurous. Before I went to sleep, the lessons from today in geography, culture and world knowledge really wrapped up my trip to Macau.

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