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Malahat Skywalk: an un-sponsored, unbiased review

Experience views that you’d normally have to hike for

Malahat SkyWalk is a new and AWESOME attraction about 30 minutes from downtown Victoria, on Vancouver Island. It opened in July 2021, just 2 months ago – they’ve done a fantastic job. Comparable perhaps to the Squamish Gondola experience (also in B.C.), it’s a 600 meter spiral boardwalk that climbs 32 meters high.

Malahat SkyWalk is an accessible 600 m TreeWalk through a beautiful arbutus forest leading to a spectacular gentle spiral ramp that takes you up 32m to a sightseeing lookout offering views of Finlayson Arm, Saanich Peninsula, Mount Baker and the distant Coast Mountains.
The Malahat Skywalk on Vancouver Island, B.C. (video from their site).

The view at the top is absolutely spectacular, looking out to Mt. Baker and the fjord of the Salish Sea. You walk though stunning forests of Arbutus and Douglas fir, and see views of two countries. The engineering and architectural structure is well integrated into nature’s surroundings. There’s a slide that gives you the choice to ride down 20 metres of spiral.

I especially liked that it was wheelchair accessible, it was nice to see people seeing things they wouldn’t normally have access to. Geriatrics in strollers made it along with new Mom’s with babies…everyone has their own adventure. For many this is the pinnacle of what they are capable of, and to be rewarded with such a view is especially inspiring. Malahat Skywalk has lots of well planned rest stops along the boardwalk, that were helpful to those needing the support.

Despite the unfortunate timing, there were far more positives. “It gave everybody something to do. It created an incredible amount of employment for Vancouver Island. We employed well over 100 people during the pandemic.

Tracy Zeisberger (as told to this site)
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