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6 practical ways to give more meaning to your life – today

Simple steps that you can do (in any town) to feel more optimistic about tomorrow.

Everyone struggles with meaning sometimes, especially since the pandemic has changed what we once knew. In this article I’ll share some ideas to get back into purposeful days, once things open back up again. It truly is about one step at a time, adding one small change in a positive direction each day. And remember – getting out of your comfort zone is when we grow.

  1. Do you have the opportunity to spend on learning, or giving back? This will balance your wellness. Giving freely of yourself, your time and talents will help your day have more meaning.
  2. It’s time to find a passion to pursue! This could be learning to play a new instrument, learning a new language, or hobby. You’ll be excited to do it, each and every time!
  3. Focusing on how we contribute to others will take you out of your own head, being grateful every day! It sounds cheesy but it really does make a difference in mindset.
  4. Volunteer – animal rescue groups or women’s organizations, for a start. This could be very fulfilling and rewarding. You could also go into an Elementary school for reading with students. They’re often in need of help.
  5. Joining an exercise class or workout studio. Streaming a yoga class can help as a first step, being in the present will help anxiety and overwhelm.
  6. Most communities have meetup groups for different demographics: day trips, workouts, hiking and coffee events!

Positive thinking isn’t magic and it won’t make all of your problems disappear. What it will do is make problems seem more manageable and help you approach hardships in a more positive and productive way.

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