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Eat happy

Cat Smiley is an adult weight loss retreat that focuses on improved wellness through hiking, holistic fitness and plant-based nutrition.

Embrace your inner chef by mastering the art of shopping, cooking and dining in a wholesome way. We combine the energy needed to succeed in your workouts with the enjoyable nourishment of delicious daily meals.

Feel energized for your workouts while resetting your appetite for healthy portion sizes. Each boot camper has a private kitchen to cook their own delicious one-portion meals.

Transformation begins with your food

Cat has created an optimal culinary experience, in collaboration with top chefs, cooks and dieticians. With menus tasted and co-created over the years of boot camper feedback, it’s designed for binge eaters to feel safe from triggers and leftover ingredients that might cause anxiety or off-track choices.

Yes, you can drink coffee at the boot camp retreat – up to 300mg of caffeine per day. In Starbucks terms, thats about two short black coffees a day, or three shots of espresso in the day. You can have non- dairy milk coffee drinks, counted towards your snack quota of calories.

No. Cat Smiley Boot Camp doesnt permit any alcohol, vaping or smoking at anytime during your stay. We want your body to detoxify in every sense.

Generally speaking, yes – you can use CBD products that are low in THC (typically less than 0.03%) for things like pain, stress or insomnia as is helpful to you.

No, for the duration of your weight loss camp there is zero tolerance for any outside food, including dining in restaurants and ordering delivery. All boot campers are to cook their meals following the provided diet plan for the entirety of their stay. Accompanied guests must be on board with your strict boot camp parameters.

Yes we are. However we regret we are unable to assist you in preparing meals requiring strict religious observance. Please arrange for necessary requirements including but not limited to your own knives and cutting boards. Note – were not a certified Halal or Kosher facility. We have however been informed by many boot campers following these observances that our residential weight loss program aligns with their needs.

No, we dont have therapists on staff or offer counselling. We recommend that our program is used in conjunction with mental health care professionals related to food issues before and after your stay as required. Note; all participants must be ED recovered for a minimum of two years.

No, custom meal plans are not accommodated – even if designed by a dietician. Medical requirements must be discussed and approved prior to your stay.

Yes, but only recommended for things that you cannot receive from food.

Soul food

Cat Smiley Boot Camp strives to provide a blissful environment that is the least harmful to other beings, with absence of meat, processed and artificial foods as primary moral code.

Our food plan is pescatarian, and vegetarian as needed. This is an exclusively meat-free fitness boot camp. We follow Ayurvedic principals of functional lifestyle intervention to rebalance your body and mind. This helps boot campers experience more mindful eating, consequently improving their relationship with food.

Angela Smith, Australia
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Participating in a fat camp for adults took a lot of soul searching to make the decision to come, especially as it's something usually my children only do each summer. But i knew that i needed it, and it turned out to be a fantastic chance to break old habits and make new, healthier ones. Such a fantastic team: the encouragement and support was a great aspect of changing my lifestyle.

Dana Mueller, Wisconsin
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Dear Cat, thank you and your amazing wellness retreat staff for showing me that I’ve still got it! All the tips and help have really gotten me back in the swing of things. Can’t believe what I’ve accomplished in just a short time - thanks for pushing me! Can’t believe the views!
Kelly Hudson, New York
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I am stronger inside and out, loaded with information and tips that I can use at home. Getting stronger and losing weight through diet and exercising no longer feels as daunting. So many thanks to you Cat and the guides. I enjoyed the sensational women in my group as well. We cheered each other on!
Giannoula Venetsanopoulos, Vancouver
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Cat Smiley Boot Camp has been an incredible adventure in learning how to take control
of my life towards a healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it without your program. Thank you!