OBC56: The Original Boot Camp

OBC56 is a transformative mental and physical toughness program that will elevate your perception of yourself, and what you can achieve. This is more than a challenge, or fitness program. It’s a structured system inspired by BASIC TRAINING in the military.

Throughout the experience, you’ll feel yourself getting stronger, happier and healthier as each day passes. You’ll find self-esteem rise as you start to feel organized and committed, in all the things that you always said you would do. 

This journey of independence, pride and team work will become your framework to check all the boxes of personal wellness.OBC56 is designed especially for those who’ve recovered from disordered relationships with food and exercise. I’ve taken great care to make it non-triggering and/or defeating. Each day celebrates success, but doesn’t let you slack off.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp on Vancouver Island follows OBC56 program, smashing out the required curriculum throughout the week. OBC follows a unique system ‘good, better, best’ of training targets. The system includes strength, balance, aerobic conditioning, agility, coordination, power, anaerobic and endurance workouts – all at beginner fitness level. This is why Cat Smiley Boot Camp takes all day! There’s a ton to get through, when you get back into shape properly. It’s an ebb-and-flow choreography that allows athlete management in a way that makes everyone feel successful.

Anna - Focus


It’s a privilege and honor to be partnering with Anna, the most gangsta lady that you could ever hope to train with. She’s funny, smart, kind and determined while representing each of the military core values of honor, courage and commitment. 

She’s in session now, 5 month stay.

Mental toughness program

OBC56 is navy-inspired boot camp that creates powerful transformation in all areas of your life. Gain optimal structure & discipline while finding your true potential. The program adapts to you, while following core principals of 10 strict rules.

Learn the exercises of OBC56

I had a 3-DVD series… definitely a project that wasn’t worth my time! Isn’t it crazy how we get swept away into doing the ‘should’s’ at our own detriment. Amazon is the only party that will benefit from you purchasing the DVD from them, so I’ve scraped the content for you below. 

OBC 56 Lower Fitness With Cat Smiley
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Lower body exercises

  1. Squats: 0.23
  2. Jump Squats: 1.25
  3. Lunge Walks: 2.30
  4. Telemark Lunges: 3.55
  5. Side Lunge: 4.47
  6. Knee Up: 5.49
  7. Side Squat: 6.56
  8. Sumo Squat: 7.43
  9. Sumo Jump Squat: 8.52
  10. Individual Lunge: 9.45

Upper body exercises

  1. Shoulder Press: 0.17
  2. Individual Shoulder Raise: 0.56
  3. Bicep Curl: 1.38
  4. Tricep Dip: 2.47
  5. Overhead Shoulder Raise: 3.44
  6. Upright Row: 4.20
  7. Lateral Raise: 5.04
  8. Punch Thru: 5.56
OBC 56 Upper Fitness With Cat Smiley
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OBC 56 Core Fitness With Cat Smiley
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Core exercises

  1. Bicycle: 0.16
  2. Individual Leg Drop: 1.30
  3. Flutter Crunch: 2.23
  4. Flutter Kick: 4.20
  5. Super Man: 5.27
  6. Bomber Crunch: 6.30
  7. V-Up: 7.28
  8. Plank: 8.48