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If there’s any information that we might have missed out and you need to know, don’t hesitate to leave a voice message on 1-778-424-0074 with your question. Cat will reply to you within one business day. We find phoning is the only way to make sure communication is received – and to keep it more personal. Often our emails wind up in peoples spam folders or our filter blocks yours…or one of us doesn’t explain things right… please leave a voice mail so we can be sure of optimal efficiency. 

Cat Smiley Boot Camp trains between 3 and 4 hours in a carefully designed schedule for weight loss transformation and beginner fitness levels. This varies from low to high intensity, keeping consideration of your caloric intake to achieve the perfect metabolic deficit. We achieve sustainable weight loss as priority (even though we’re an extreme weight loss camp) while retaining muscle mass without deprivation or struggle. Aaaand of course, we make sure that the overall experience is enjoyable and doable – with enough challenge to optimize the results that you’re signing up for. 

Yes, our fitness retreat schedule is 12-5 Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours you are free. Your private condo is well equipped (just as if you were at home) to work if needed.

Not included with the monthly packages at your weight loss camp but easily added. Just next door there’s an award-winning spa with full menu of treatments that nicely transform your hard-core fitness boot camp into a lovely health retreat 🙂 This secluded spa has a mineral pool and registered massage therapy.

Yes, but to be clear, it’s not a dedicated ‘weight loss resort’ that we lodge boot campers. It is a partnership property (an upscale vacation rental resort facility) that has guests for all reasons. We privately rent one-bedroom suites for our weight loss camp, and the facility that we use has an onsite health club including treadmill, elliptical and bike. There is also a community fitness gym nearby but we don’t permit extra workouts as you will risk overtraining. You also will be in too much calorie deficit to achieve sustainable weight loss. The health camp food plan is very carefully set up to match the right balance of energy out and energy in.

No. Cat Smiley Boot Camp is not the right weight loss camp or ‘fitness retreat’ for you if you want to get fit while staying the same weight. You must be of the belief and in agreement that being lighter would improve your overall quality of life (and is a goal of your stay). There is mandatory weigh in’s and weight loss is an essential part of the program. It is not possible to coach the others in your group through a weight loss transformation while having other participants at our boot camp who don’t want this. Only those who are willing to be coached towards maximum weight loss should sign up for our weight loss camp in Canada.

Yes, you need to weigh yourself every day. This is a mandatory part of the program. It might be helpful to address these issues with your mental health professional prior to arrival to ensure you’re in a good headspace to get the most from our weight loss boot camp retreat program. 

Yes! We’ll be so excited to welcome your fur baby to Cat Smiley Boot Camp. There’s a fee per month of a few hundred dollars to cover extra cleaning costs. We only have a few dog-friendly rooms for boot camp health retreat programming so book early..

No phones or earbuds during scheduled hours at our fitness boot camp (lunch and bathroom breaks ok). This is to keep the social vibe, help you stay present with workouts, allow coaches to talk to you without waiting for you to finish calls, wildlife safety and to make our jobs easier.