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Weight loss transformation

What is Cat Smiley Boot Camp? Short answer: the best investment you’ll ever make.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is THE place to be for extreme, safe and sustainable fitness and weight loss transformation. Our residential fitness program specializes in 100 lbs weight loss, outdoor workouts, hiking and plant-based nutrition. It’s a guided sabbatical for those ready to get to work on putting their health first. 

Step into your healthiest self!

We’re the perfect place to start a new chapter. Monthly packages at our weight loss boot camp include all living expenses (& program fees) for your stay. Stay for 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Or, if you feel like your struggles with obesity are endangering your life, consider our start-to-finish 100 lb program of 30 weeks. Watch Anna’s behind-the-scenes inspiring documentary of her 101 lb weight loss transformation earlier this year.


Beyond dramatic weight loss and increased fitness, our health camp will inspire you to  peel back the layers of what may be holding you back. You’ll gain confidence and clarity to put together your own food, fitness and lifestyle plan. 

Situated waterfront on peaceful acres of seascape, Cat Smiley Boot Camp is the perfect location to relax, get fit and feel instantly at home.

In addition to the customized daily fitness schedule, boot campers are encouraged to reconnect with self-care. With an award-winning spa right next door, restoration and relaxation is easily added into your stay.


Everything you need in one place

Shaping up as an obese beginner can be complicated, uncomfortable and frustrating. Simplify it with Cat Smiley, the fitness camp for start-to-finish 100lb weight loss transformations.
Julie, Ottawa
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Thank you for an amazing weight loss transformation experience! Vancouver Island is beautiful and your luxury fitness boot camp program was everything I was looking for - exciting, energizing and more! Thank you for your guidance and support as I embark on this new journey. Thank you for the safe and supportive environment which allowed me to learn about myself and how I can challenge myself and go further. Thank you!
Leanne Boguy, Toronto
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These four weeks have flown by! I came to your month long fitness retreat overwhelmed with dealing with my weight and I’m leaving full of hope that I can do this on my own. So many great moments and first. Thank you!
Carol, Toronto
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Dear Cat, I’m so grateful to be able to come back to your fitness camp and get healthy. You welcomed me back without judgement, I was feeling defeated and out of control and you’ve helped me get on the right path. I appreciate the structure your weight loss camp provides. I am feeling stronger, more knowledgeable, flexible, and confident I can reach my goal. Thank you for being so generous with your time and energy. I really appreciate all the time we spent discussing the transition back to everyday life! I feel better quipped to handle the challenges. I am so lucky to have met some terrific women and we shared our fitness and weight loss transformation experiences - highs, lows and challenges - and had a lot of fun! Thanks again Cat and best wishes.
Margaret, Vancouver
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I came to Cat Smiley Boot Camp because I needed help. I had gained too much weight due to poor eating habits and a poor relationship with food. Along with the increased weight came health problems. Trying to make changes on my own wasn’t working. I needed to get away to a place and program where someone would ‘force’ me to change my eating habits and kick start my exercise program. I chose WFV because it provided both of these factors. I’m leaving in much better shape, physically and mentally, and looking forward to carrying on doing good things for my body. We only get one! I’m committed to taking care of it. Thanks to all the Cat Smiley team for making these transformations possible!