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We like to keep things simple

It began back in 2001 when adventure- seeking Catherine traveled from New Zealand to the ski resort of Whistler in Canada, chasing an Olympic dream. She’d been selected to train with the national ski team, throughout the Northern Hemisphere winter.

To finance her training she worked nights in a swimwear shop, wanting to help women feel good in their bodies in the way that sport made her feel good in hers. This led into studying fitness, as she was often asked questions about how she stayed in shape. Her boss saw this passion and encouraged her to dive full time into personal training. Starting in nearby Vancouver, she set up a boot camp and outdoor personal training program as an experiment, with a shortened name.

It grew so popular the business was expanded into multiple locations. People integrated her boot camps into their vacation, and Whistler Fitness Vacations was born in 2008.

500 + weeks of immersive weight loss programs

Since then, we’ve remained true to our original goal – unparalleled weight loss solutions for women getting started in their fitness. A place where like-minded women join together from around the world, to follow their fitness goals.  When the pandemic impacted travel, Cat moved to Vancouver Island to avoid the tourism crowds of Whistler. She changed the name to Cat Smiley Boot Camp Co. 
Today, Cat Smiley the company is a team of talented professionals who believe in the power of good people and that business should be done from the heart. Our goal goes beyond the fitness, and beyond the weight loss… one customer at a time we strive to provide a soulful experience that facilitates sustainable change.  Our commitment to outdoor fitness and local tourism allows us to support our community in a way that is responsible and environmentally focused. 

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We can’t wait to learn more about you!
Kristy, San Diego
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Reflecting on my month long fitness retreat, I rediscovered my purpose, my inner athlete and the knowledge that my journey is not unique. I lost weight and gained muscle, learned to cook healthier, less reliance on prepared Costco meals when I return home! Loved the staff and the other guests. I have created lifelong friendships that will keep me accountable and on track. Looking forward to my new life!
Deirdre Flynn, Florida
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With deepest gratitude I thank you for this life changing fitness camp. Your knowledge and support has helped me so profoundly. My only wish is that I was staying longer. But the friends and knowledge WFV has given will always stay with me. Namaste xo.
Missy Boris, Texas
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Dear Cat, thank you for the kick start to a healthier me. Lots of awesome information going home with me. I appreciate the chance to look through your healthy book collection. Thanks again!
Marni Bonin, Washington
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Cat Smiley Boot Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone while still respecting my limitations and helping me avoid injury. I plan to carry on at home. Kudos!