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We know fitness – and live by it!

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is guided by certified professionals that support beginners in their starting stages of exercise. Talented, and fun fitness guides – first aid certified and compassionate leaders who love to be part of your adventure. Some guides also are fitness trainers, leading workout classes.

Hired in part for their outstanding social skills, the weight loss camp team makes great shape-up companions while keeping you safe on the trails!

Intentionally small

We keep our weight loss camp personal, with no more than 12 participants per month. Cat leads all body transformations. Youll never feel like youre one of the crowd, quite the opposite. Our goal is to make each boot camper feel like they are the most important.

On the trails, the pace is split with 4 per guide, truly the best staff-to-customer ratio to maximize your stay. Youll mix around different groups for various activities, coming together for larger classes, workshops and social activity.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp programs feature incredible commitment to personalized service, at the best possible value.

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Everything you need in one place

Shaping up as an obese beginner can be complicated, uncomfortable and frustrating. Simplify it with Cat Smiley, the fitness camp that offers start-to-finish 100lb weight loss transformations.
Ann Gray, USA
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Cat, this has been a wonderful way to spend my birthday month 🙂 I really have learned a lot and also can see how I will be able to do this at home. I think I have a good start on changing some bad habits and you’ve given me some great motivation. I expect to be at my target weight by January. Thanks so much - you’ve changed my future!
Mich, Quebec
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Cat, thank you so much. This weight loss camp has been everything and more that I was hoping for. The program you run has offered me a terrific kick start and the tools to continue the program at home. I hope to see you again. Best of luck to you xo.
Kelly, New York
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I am stronger inside and out after my time at Cat Smiley. As well as being loaded with information and tips I can use at home. Getting stronger and losing weight through diet and exercising no longer feels as daunting! It feels almost fun! Hard work but love the reward. So many thanks to you Cat and your staff especially Emma and Marie. I enjoyed the sensational women in my group as well. We cheers each other on!
Megan, California.
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Thank you so much for such an encouraging weight loss camp. I learned so much about my current fitness level and what it will take to continue improving. I am excited to return to Los Angeles and implement all the amazing tips and tools that you’ve given me. It truly was an unforgettable experience. Blessings, Megan.