Outdoor Workout Classes

Outdoor Workout Classes

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is an outdoor program for the adventurous woman. She doesn’t mind sitting on a rock for lunch, wearing bug spray and getting her socks wet.
Dogs might say hello to her sometimes, and be off-leash. Sometimes there might be wildlife… or marine life! And although we take shelter when needed (park gazebos and forests mostly), she’s not made of sugar. If it rains, she won’t melt – or melt down!

Outdoor workout classes are great for your mental wellness as well as your physical. They boost levels of chemicals in the brain that regulate mood. Your sleep and energy will improve significantly (melatonin regulates your sleep cycles).

Our Team

Cat Smiley fitness guides are first aid certified with extensive experience in outdoor activity. They know how to navigate the weather, wildlife, unforeseen circumstances and work together as a group to keep you safe in all weather conditions.

Featured Transformations

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and the positive impact they’ve had on our customers lives.
Kelly Denman, Michigan
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Thank you for the kick-start. This has been a wonderful experience in one of the greatest places. Very inspirational – thanks so much!
Jenny Holmes, New Zealand
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Thank you for another great 4-week experience at Boot Camp. This is a great place, with great leaders. There have been lots of tools and ideas to bring home for me. Thank you for the positive attitude and confidence.
Julie Carmel, Quebec
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I feel amazing after my time here. I truly enjoyed the outdoor workout classes especially as well as the walks, running, trekking I did in the forest. It was very different to my gym in Montreal! Thank you, merci.
Linda Hunter, Ontario
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This was an excellent transformational month! I have learnt to let go of control and to believe in the process. Thanks so much!