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Personal Coaching and Retreats 

Interested in working together?

Fantastic – lets coordinate a complimentary 20-minute strategy call or sign up online, below.

For fastest, on-the-day response, text 604-906-1034 with the program you’re interested in, dates, and best time to call you back) or email [email protected]

My time zone is Pacific Standard (Whistler, B.C., Canada).

Psst..! Possible tax benefits from your Whistler fitness retreat

Working together can sometimes enable you to claim your Whistler trip as tax deductible, which is a nice bonus! My personal development and health education workshops/coaching especially. I’ve got many coaching licenses, certifications and a crazy detailed insurance policy that some customers have been able to claim. Mostly (Canadians) who work in the public eye, like realtors, lawyers, speakers, teachers. I’m not sure how they do it, and I don’t make any promises or help make that happen. However it’s definitely worth checking out my licenses here and having a chat with your bookkeeper or accountant. Receipts are customized based on your program purchased, and can include any of my certifications as primary.

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