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Cat Smiley Executive Coaching


Cat Smiley Life coaching will empower you to achieve greatness, while providing focus and accountability to prioritize goals and be consistent. It’s an investment in the ‘business of being you’! Whether you’re going through significant life change (divorce, loss, changing careers, major weight loss), or simply know the benefits of having a life coach on your team, Cat Smiley is an investment with valuable return. She is passionate about living her best life and guiding others to do the same.

Cat is a certified Executive & Life Coach, former professional athlete, certified Sports Nutritionist and Master Fitness Trainer who has built her career from the ground up. She began her immigrant journey in Canada’s lowest 1% income bracket, and through hard work, continued learning and persistence, she organically moved into the highest (without investors, loans or business partners). She has almost 20 years experience working with successful companies, entrepreneurs and individuals to live with more purpose, happier and healthier.

Cat Smiley Executive Coaching

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Lock in Cat’s availability by signing up for a long-term Life Coaching package. If, after one month you decide that it’s not for you, you’ll be charged only $750 for the month used (refunded remainder of your package).

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The Cat Smiley Advantage

Cat Smiley provides a myriad of additional services as required, including but not limited to motivational tools, productivity hacks, nutritional guidance, weight loss coaching, expert fitness programming and more. Other coaching companies charge for these extras (that alone is worth signing up for!) She is certified, licensed and insured in the below vocations;

  • Executive Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Master Fitness Trainer
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Fitness Therapist
  • Professional Organizer

Partnering with Cat includes 1:1 meetings every 10-14 days, with expert guidance to keep you on track in all areas of your personal motivation, lifestyle and career. During these meetings, you’ll set clear goals with doable action plans to upgrade any limiting beliefs while identifying opportunities to achieve your potential.

Coaching sessions are integrative, encompassing business, life, nutrition and fitness coaching all-in-one. Focus can also include weight loss if desired.

Investing in Cat Smiley Life coaching will exponentially grow your personal revenue, productivity, confidence and health. The format is one-on-one phone sessions, scheduled 2-3 times a month with no time limit for the calls. Working with Cat is an in-depth coaching experience that encompasses every area of your life.

Our Session Together Could Include:

Personalized fitness, nutrition or motivational support to keep you accountable and on track with your workout program – and beyond.

Getting unstuck professionally and/or personally. I take great care to provide a safe environment to engage in meaningful conversation, as your thought partner and supportive life coach. In saying that, I’m allergic to froo-froo! I’ll be tough with you if targets are not being met, offering uncomfortable perspectives. Only then can we upgrade your action and behavioural changes to where you aspire to be.

Overcoming a challenge, or leading organizational change while preparing to increase responsibility at work.

Gaining confidence while building healthier self esteem, and body image. Improving relationships with leaders, peers, employees without the icky feeling of imposture syndrome. We’ll strategize on how to have you work smarter, whether it’s in your career or at home. Plus be able to cope better with life’s crazy demands!

Support to help you find meaning and intention with your day. Sometimes life can throw us right back to stretchy pants and p.j’s at 3pm, wandering around the kitchen looking for food. I can help you start participating in life again.

Is Executive Life Coaching right for you?

This package is right for you if you’re ready for an all-in-one coach and partner. You’d like to achieve time freedom, control over your lifestyle and location freedom in your workouts… to feel at peace with yourself in a planned, structured way that gives you amazing results.

It’s best suited for female lifestyle entrepreneurs and career women who want to either rebuild their life from the ground up, or want ongoing coaching to hold themselves accountable.

It’s suitable for new mothers on maternity leave looking to get their bodies back after pregnancy, and for those in recovery from weight loss surgery who want to learn how to rebuild holistically.

    What Does An Executive Life Coach Do?

    • Listen, ask focused questions, encourage intentional discussion, hold you rigorously accountable to achieving the goals that you set. Coaches work with balanced tension, just enough to propel you forward, but not enough for you to feel defeated.

    • Be your mirror, when you want to self sabotage. Honest, constructive and not always what you want to hear. You’ll learn to limit disabling beliefs, and correct negative habits.

    • Help you making difficult decisions: I act as a confidential ‘sound board’ that can listen, challenge and encourage when you need it the most. I’ll compel you to take dynamic action. Together we’ll make a personalized action plan, then I’ll hold you accountable to actually go through with it.

    • Guide you towards figuring out (and organizing) your goals in a way that will make micro steps and action planning ‘doable’. This will bridge the gap between working too much, exercising too little, and anticipating for emotional eating fall backs (before they happen).

    • Enhance personal effectiveness and consistency in your workouts. The International Sports Science Association named me Canada’s top fitness trainer three times and I hold my masters in Sports Sciences. This means I don’t buy into the typical reasons you can’t work out – I’m a licensed fitness therapist which means I know a ton about injury adaptation.

    • Help you with performance issues, while improving interpersonal skills, stress management. Shine perspective and logic on detrimental habits (such as binge eating). Share strategies to bridge the gap between intellectual and emotional decisions, empowering you to find new possibilities.

    Customers' Reviews

    Experiences of clients who recently worked with me.

    • Cat is an amazing coach with passion and integrity, who truly cares about her clients’ success and well-being, and works hard… Read More »

      Abe B | August 13, 2019
    • A safe space that made me feel comfortable being who I am and helped me feel rejuvenated and excited again… Read More »

      Basma J | August 11, 2019
    • Cat is the most passionate and caring health coach that I have ever met! She is a driven lady –… Read More »

      Linda H | May 01, 2019

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