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Workshops & Consulting

$750 per 3 hour workshop, up to 3 participants

Hello! I’m Cat Smiley, I provide expert personal training and wellness coaching with almost 20 years experience. Make 2020 your best year ever by investing in quality coaching, education, mentorship and knowledge. Working together is truly an invitation that I’m humbled to be given, and I promise to go above and beyond for you in our fitness workshops and consulting.

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My training/consulting specialties include:

  • Beginner and intermediate fitness levels, or
  • Recovering from an orthopaedic condition or in remission from illness, or
  • Struggling with exercise and healthy consistency
  • Getting back on track after depression, injury, major life change
  • Yo-yo relationships with exercise, know what to do but need a way to do it
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of trying yet another workout plan.
  • Strategic weight loss programs


Whistler and worldwide

Can’t make it to Whistler, and want to customize it into personal phone coaching instead? Choose a workshop topic from my signature menu or anything else that your focusing on, such as your weight loss and fitness goals then click here to signup (one month coaching).

My goal is to motivate, educate and inspire!

***Want a different date or custom workshop? Contact me with details.

Workshops & Consulting

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Pssst – I’m planning weekend retreats that combine all of my keynote topics over two wonderful days. These will be in Whistler and Vancouver. Want to be emailed when they launch?

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  • Tax Benefits


Visiting Whistler and realizing that you need (or want) to get more active, so that you can enjoy more adventures with your family? Feeling held back on a conference with ‘fit people’, and wondering what to do this afternoon while everyone goes on a hike? I can help. Sessions with me incorporate all my career strengths into cutting edge coaching sessions.

Designing a home workout program:

Gain confidence in your strength training workouts while learning body-weight sequences. You’ll take home 3 workouts (upper, lower, core) with a carefully calculated program of reps, sets and weight that you can do with just a set of dumb bells. You’ll be able to continue on your own at home, or pass it on to any trainer to continue with you. It’s adaptable to any gym, with minimal equipment, which makes it great for frequent travellers.

Learn to run:

Restorative jogging clinic for plus-sized women focusing on heart-rate targeted training pace, adapting form to reduce impact, and improving gait. Workshop includes hands-on sports stretching session.

Makeover your fitness, food and lifestyle:

I’ll both review your existing wellness program and integrative food patterns while talking about emotional triggers that may derail your goals. With this information, you’ll receive practical strategies and advice to improve, reviewing the best course of action for you.

Heal your relationship with food:

Strategies and practical action steps to overcome emotional and stress eating. Designed to be used in conjunction with therapy/counselling. Nutrition philosophy is plant-based with optional fish, gluten/wheat/dairy/soy/meat free one-portion meals with zero-waste, lower carb.

The business of being you:

Figure out what you really want in your health goals and life, plus action steps to get there. Click here for full information.


These 3 hour workshops are a blend of personal training, exercise therapy and fitness consulting. Workshop 1 is either outdoors, at your personal home gym in Whistler or the Westin Resort and Spa (if you’re staying there).

  • 1-TO-1 personal training in-person
  • Shared with up to 3 friends, small group or team
  • 3 hours spread out over one month coaching package (click here)

3 hours

$750 CAD, inc taxes

Cost listed is per workshop, not per person. You can book privately or share with up to 3 friends of similar ability. You can also book these workshops as a coaching package, spread over multiple sessions.

My workouts use body weight, dumb bells, compound movements and minimal equipment. Each workout is designed to be done with just 6 feet of floor space, progressing on a five-day split workout.

They’re adaptable to meet your mobility restrictions and individual starting point in both fitness and abilities, and combines cardio, strength and flexibility with each session.

I always strive to give my clients a breakthrough strategy or lightbulb AH-HA moment in our time together. Sessions are highly time effective and action focused, giving great value.

Why Choose Me

Probably the biggest reason is, simply put, results. Working with me is like having that all-in-one coach who can wear different hats depending on what you need. This makes our sessions time effective with elevated communication and clarity, as you’re not spending time explaining your backstory to various professionals.

In addition to being a Master Personal Trainer (International Sports Science Association), I’m also a certified & insured:

  • Executive Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Wilderness Guide
  • Fitness Therapist
  • Strength Training Specialist
  • Professional Organizer

Sessions blend these career strengths & knowledge into cutting edge consulting or coaching sessions. I’m qualified, affordable and results-focused! My expertise is in home workouts (using minimal equipment), fitness programming for the obese population & exercise adaptation for mobility restriction.

I’m passionate about sharing my message of healthier living in a way that understands the different chapters of our lives. Over the years, I’ve shared my knowledge and unique perspective with a variety of audiences. I bring my perspective of being a published author, successful entrepreneur, former professional athlete and multi-passionate coach into practical learning experiences, adapted to each audience style.

I’m honoured to have been named Canada’s top trainer 3 times & guided hundreds of happy customers towards happier, lighter, fitter & healthier 🙂 Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Canada in 1999 to ski! I skied professionally for 12 years.

    Tax Benefits

    Working together can sometimes enable you to claim your Whistler trip as tax deductible, which is a nice bonus! Cat Smiley workshops and consulting fit into the personal development and health education category for most people’s tax purposes, thanks to my many coaching licenses, certifications and crazy detailed insurance policy.

    While I don’t make any promises, or provide any advice or support on how you can claim your Whistler trip against taxes when you work with me, it sure is a nice bonus for the lucky ones who are eligible.

    Check with your book keeper or accountant for details, and please don’t signup with me just for that reason in case the tax man doesn’t approve it! Receipts are customized based on your topic selection, and can include any of my certifications as primary. The most popular certification claimed for employee wellness is my Executive Coach one.

    Customers' Reviews

    Experiences of clients who recently worked with me.

    • Cat has been my mentor since 2016/2017. Her business practices are top notch! Her willingness to share her best practices… Read More »

      Cathy P | July 15, 2019
    • Life changing; this experience helped me work through a 10+ year injury. I am still in awe. Filled with gratitude… Read More »

      Deidre F | June 01, 2019
    • Cat Smiley is an incredible coach who believed in me during moments that I didn’t. She’s put together such a… Read More »

      Megan P | May 01, 2018

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