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3 questions to ask a retreat (before you decide to join)

You’ve done the research and are pretty sure it’s the right place. Here are the final things to ask, before jumping in.

Perhaps you’ve seen The Biggest Loser on TV and decided you want similar weight loss transformation. Or maybe your kid went to fat camp, and you want the same experience. Whatever inspired your search for health retreat programs, it’s important to make sure your expectation is in alignment with what they offer. Here are the top 3 questions to ask before signing up. 

1 – Is it owner operated – or at least, are they around?

If you dig deeper into wellness retreats in Canada and United States, you may find that many are investor owned. But I think we can all agree, the owner of the company is often more committed to ensuring above-and-beyond customer experiences, as compared to an employee.

2 – Does it meet you at your fitness level?

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is one of the few wellness retreat programs that is exclusively for women of beginner fitness levels. These beginners progress into intermediates, but everyone starts at ground level. This clear purpose and conscious leadership comes with incredible reward (click here to see what our many happy customers say).

3 – When you phone, do you feel valued – or like a number?

In the tourism and hospitality industry, the success or failure of the business is directly dependant on service. Weight loss resorts, wellness retreats and health vacations especially depend on excellent service due to the personal nature involved.  

Here at Cat Smiley, we want every customer to also feel like we’ve given authentic, loving support. We treat our customers how we’d like to be treated, if we were in their position – a customer on an epic, bucket list weight loss camp. After all, we’re passionate travellers too!

Quality customer service is an experience of feeling valued or heard. Sometimes it’s an intangible component of why a guest may prefer one tourism or hospitality provider over another. There is something about quality customer service that you often can’t put your finger on — but you know it’s there.

Canadian Tourism Commission

Join us for award-winning fitness programming, lifestyle coaching, holistic nutrition and amazing outdoor adventures! Contact us to take your first step.

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