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Our online registration system for 2022 is open until midnight Oct 18, 2021 or when we’re full (whichever is first). We have max capacity at our weight loss camps of 12 boot campers per month.

Our website is updated daily, so if the session shows availability it is guaranteed to be available for booking.

Please ensure that you’ve had an onboarding call with Cat prior to signing up. We’re unable to process your registration without this step. We look forward to bringing your dream fitness and weight loss transformation to life!

P.S. > Boot campers that have had their trips cancelled due to COVID-19: rebook here.  

  more days to register for 2022 sessions.​

When to go

An island paradise, Vancouver Island is an incredible place to visit anytime of the year, with picture-perfect beaches, ancient forests, snow-capped mountains and amazing fresh air. We plan the day at your weight loss camp for optimal comfort in every weather element.

Registration into January and February sessions is best suited to those who are 240 to 320 lbs, really getting started in their fitness journey. We’ll cover all the fundamentals of training and ensure enough modification is available for any personal restrictions. Extra staffing will be in place to provide additional safety and support. Average temperature is 4.3 °C (40 °F). It rains about 12 days a month and occasionally snows.

March and April sessions are best suited to those who are 220 to 300 lbs, have more mobility, and some confidence in their fitness. You’re not new to fitness but it’s been quite a while since you did it regularly. You’re ready to boot camp it up with others who have been in session already for a few months. Average temperature is 7 °C (45 °F). Average rainy days per month is 13 with lovely Spring sunshine.

Questions about our registration process

No – we are women only, defined anatomically, irrespective of how you identify or plans/intentions to change subsequent to your anticipated trip date.
Yes, sometimes! If you’ve traveled before by yourself and feel you have maturity in emotional and social skills to work well in this program, definitely get in touch. In saying that, this might not be the best place for you if you’ve never lived independently of your parents. We’ll happily make exceptions to our age requirement if you’re a good fit.
Travel to Cat Smiley Boot Camp, massages and physiotherapy appointments, extra household items if you need more than what the hotel provides (toilet paper, laundry detergent etc), optional gratuities for ground staff, arrival Sunday dinner. No part of the 10- week ‘at-home challenge’ expenses are included in program fees except complimentary remote training and program setup.
Yes, depending on when you want to come we might be able to accommodate this request. Semi-private stays are quite popular for mother-daughter or close friends who want to do the experience together without others. Sometimes the extra fee is minimal – get in touch and we’ll organize the best possible pricing based on availability.
Of course! We’ll provide detailed packing list and we’ll do a gear check before your first hike. You’ll carry a small day pack with a few items including water.
Yes, you can change your dates for any available date in the next calendar year from the date of revision, if you’re rescheduling within 45 days of originally scheduled trip. We’ll give you full credit for the program less the deposit.
Yes, if they’re a suitable fit for the program name changes are permitted until 34 days before scheduled arrival.
Although we understand and empathize that sometimes emergencies pop up, your trip is 100% non-refundable if you cancel within 34 days of arrival with no credit or name changes permitted. Sometimes trip cancellation travel insurance can provide some compensation in the unfortunate event that this loss occurs.
Payment is by wire transfer, in Canadian dollars. We’ll send you payment information to give to your bank. We accept credit card for the deposit only. You have also the option to make ‘Escrow’ payment through AST Financial if you’re unsure about sending the full balance. Please coordinate with your lawyer if you choose this method.
Full payment is due by the deadline noted for each session. Sign ups after that date require full payment to confirm your trip.
Unfortunately your reservation will be cancelled, and if it is after payment deadline, we’ll be unable to refund or credit any part of your deposit.
If you leave early, stop attending activity or discontinue participation for any reason at all, there are no refunds or credits. We’ll be knocking on your door to get you into the van because we know deep down you want this and once you’re at the workout, there’s always something you can do.
Injury of some kind is likely to happen at some time during your stay, whether it be a mild inflammation of an ankle or degenerative arthritis making it painful to hike. Very few people have 100% attendance to every day of their stay. Be mentally prepared for injury to be a possibility as you go through your journey back to health. 
That being said, we manage you like an athlete, setting you up with physiotherapist or medical recommendation as required. Come prepared to include registered massage therapy, physiotherapy and injury assessment with doctors if needed through your insurance company or additional budget. 
You need to be able to participate in the scheduled group activity at a pace that exerts you – safely, without aggravating your injury. Cat Smiley Boot Camp group programs are designed for participants who are devoid of ongoing physical injuries or emotional, psychological, psychiatric maladies. 
No, one month is the minimum. We place boot campers together with compatible dates, for example if you’re closer to goal weight than standard intake, you might be able to join the end of another boot campers 100 lbs weight loss journey.
Chantel Taillyer, Quebec
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Thank you everybody at Cat Smiley Boot Camp you were so caring! I met a lot of kind women who want to be powerful and empowered. It was a very motivating and inspiring experience!
Roberta York, California
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I feel like myself again after 8 years of massive physical changes, and emotional changes with family. This fitness retreat has absolutely kick started my journey back to my physical and mental self. Thanks for the support!
Amanda Spencer, New York
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This is my 3rd time here and each time is amazing. I’ve lost 40 lbs this past month on the program, but the best thing about Cat Smiley has been being able to EMPOWER MYSELF. I feel so much more confident. Each visit gives me new tools to continue on my own when I go home, setting me up for the year ahead. My life as an office worker in hectic New York always has me stacking on weight each year. While I'd love to say I keep the weight off when I go home, due to my stressful lifestyle and 'all the things' it's just not the case. Coming back to your fat camp each year seems to manage my obesity in the best way that I can do, given the resources that I have. I love this program and recommend it to all my friends. See you next year!
Nancy Santos, California
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Thanks for the reboot, and redirection of my focus at your wonderful wellness retreat or i should say, extreme weight loss camp haha (definitely not a 'retreat'). I feel like my skills are going to be easy to implement. i am very confident i will get to my happy size – major accomplishment! thank you.