Pounds lost, paradise found: learn about our wellness retreats in B.C.

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Helpful details to plan your 2020 ‘get in shape camp’

Hi I’m Cat, the owner of Whistler Fitness Vacations. We’re an outdoor fitness vacation company that strives to offer the best weight loss retreats for women, while also offering custom fit getaways (and lot of fun stuff). We’ve got two key programs running weekly, May-August:

  1. Whistler Fitness Vacations ‘premium’ small group: weekly and monthly luxury weight loss boot camp programs, staying at the Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler.
  2. Whistler Fitness Vacations private: daily, weekly and monthly custom women’s fitness camp offering a 1:1 personal experience, shared with up to 3 friends.

In this article, I’ll break down more details like this. I hope it makes your research process easier, and without overwhelm!

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Being part of my clients journey is a privilege (and honour)

It’s true, when something is great in your life, you want everyone to experience it.

For me, it’s athleticism and a healthy body that can exercise everyday. That’s why I became a personal trainer and fitness therapist. Back in 2001 when I first met my first client, I’d been a competitive athlete for years, counting on my coaches to guide and support me. To be on the other side and give that to others felt like such a treat. It’s still such a treat today to be that person to my clients.

With nothing holding you back, we’ll set up the perfect blend of plus size adventure travel that’s purpose driven and fun!

Our health vacations include guided cardio adventures, fitness classes, workshops & personal discovery in beautiful Whistler.

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Plus size hiking and trekking vacations

Whistler Fitness Vacations is one of the most unique weight loss programs in Canada.

We believe that you should participate in a wide variety of workouts and adventures feeling completely comfortable and safe. But this isn’t what makes us different – any weight loss centre is judgement free and adaptable.

What sets us apart from other plus size fitness getaways:

  1. We work towards change. Our customers don’t want to accept being out of the healthy weight range as their permanent future.
  2. The root causes are addressed, but not in an intensely dramatic or serious way. Let’s get out there and move your beautiful body up that mountain first!
  3. No boring diet talk or body shaming of ourselves allowed! And no negative self talk about fitness abilities either. All good stuff here, upwards all the way!
  4. Pool parties, fun in the summer sun and your favorite travel destinations are much more likely to dominate hiking conversation.
  5. We’re not trying to be skinny, slim or look a certain way in a swimsuit. The goal for all Cat Smiley trips/programs is happy and healthy.

Don’t even get us started on the self love movement. Damn girl, if you don’t want to love your body, that’s fine with us. We’re body neutral here. Let’s just treat your body with respect, get your healthy weight happening and move on to other things. Sound good?

Awesome (we’re going to get along great!).

wellness retreats in bc - Pounds lost, paradise found: learn about our wellness retreats in B.C.

It sounds cheesy but fitness retreats really are life changing

Whistler Fitness Vacations is all about transforming your body, mind and spirit while reconnecting with nature. Come experience superb workouts in one of the planets most beautiful locations, at our wellness retreats in B.C.. Youll be in great company – everyone here starts their stay outside of healthy weight range, at beginner fitness level. 

Why you’ll love our wellness retreats in B.C.

  1. The location: come see the local side of Whistler. Together, we’ll explore the trails best suited for your level – avoiding the crowds and getting off the beaten track! 
  2. It’s good for the soul: saying ‘yes’ to adventure and being treated like an athlete-in-training is a unique experience. Let us take care of you. You deserve it. 
  3. It just feels good to be here: Whistler is ranked in the top 10 luxury resort destinations in North America. There’s so much to do here. Plus, spouses and dogs stay free!
  4. Refreshing mountain weather: Whistler weather is invigorating and refreshing, even on the hottest day! It’s never too hot or too cold to get active in our beautiful mountain town. 

Activity is 100% outdoors, with mountain ranges and pristine lakes into infinity.

Experience structure and customized personal service throughout your stay. Guiding your workouts with safety and results, my team and I will share our love of Whistler, showing you how fun shaping up can be! You’ll have an amazing time while slimming down towards healthy.

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Doable workouts – designed for YOU!

Whistler Fitness Vacations is a special place where women who struggle with exercise consistency can finally get into the fitness groove.

Its an all-day schedule in beautiful mountains. Youll hike, bike, kayak, run, walk, stretch, lift, learn and do fitness classes at a pace that both challenges you but doesnt overwhelm you…losing weight almost every day. And having so much fun that you never want it to end!

Through carefully figured out programming, youll feel safe and supported throughout your stay – while achieving your fitness and weight loss goals. Our staff-to-customer ratio is the best in the business, with semi-private groups carefully selected, based on everybodys changing pace and comfort level. We keep a pretty good pace on the trails, in your training zone.

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Why choose a wellness retreat in Canada?

Canada is a great place to visit. Affordability, gorgeous cities, natural wonders, lovely people, the laid back attitude… safety… family friendly… gosh, the list is endless.

British Columbia, has been a hot spot in Canada for years as far as the number of people who want to live there goes. No wonder. It is on the water and next to a mountain range, making it postcard pretty. – Trip Savvy

Whistler Fitness Vacations is located in the heart of the spectacular Coast Mountains – less than two hours from Vancouver, British Columbia. Our town is renowned globally for our amazing scenery, friendly town and year-round mountain adventures. Whistler is Canada’s premier year-round destination and was Host Mountain Resort for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Distinguished by impressive twin mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb is surrounded by forested valleys, rivers and lakes. The resort offers countless outdoor adventures. Skiing and snowboarding are the biggest draws, but golf, mountain biking, and a long list of other winter and summer activities bring people here and bring them back again and again.

Of all the best locations for wellness retreats in B.C., Whistler definitely wins.

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How long should you stay?

1 Week: Kick Start

If you’re looking to begin a more active lifestyle while learning valuable tips to implement at home, a week long health retreat is for you! Every day is different; with new friends and beautiful scenery. It’s the perfect way to experience the active side of Whistler safely – at your fitness level.

2 Weeks: Revitalizer

(Save 5% each week). Twice the fun of our one-week program! Challenge yourself to achieve faster times, stronger reps and better understanding of how to make this a way-of-life. The Revitalizer is less of a ‘vacation’ than our one-week program, with enhanced reboot benefits and sense of empowerment.

3 Weeks: Habit Builder

(Save 10% each week). Tired of starting over? Our 21-Day program will take you all the way into the habit of making healthier, fitter and lighter choices. This is the perfect duration to discover your athletic potential and maximize weight loss results, while being guided through the stages of motivation to continue at home.  

4 Weeks: Reboot

(Save 15% each week). Our most popular program, one month long fitness retreat has all the benefits of 21-days, with the added week to continue challenging you. See for yourself why many happy customers have lost as much as 35 lbs during their stay with us.

6 Weeks: Total Immersion

(Save 20% each week). Truly a magical experience, with an extra few weeks of results, practice and routine. You’ve come this far, why not push your limits! You’ll upgrade your life dramatically in body, mind and spirit.

8 Weeks: Life Changer

(Save 25% each week). Whistler Fitness Vacations amazing Life Changer residential weight loss experience provides an opportunity to truly transform. Many achieve healthy weight during this time as they have opportunity to really give 100% focus – while training with the perfect environment.  

Whistler hiking tours and custom weight loss camps

Yep, we’ve got you covered on this too. If you’re looking for a private 1:1 experience, we’ve got the most amazing hiking vacation in Canada for you! Whether you go one-on-one or share with your best friends, we’ll customize the pace, activity and skill level to you. You can individualize this into the wellness getaway of your dreams, with many options.

Here are some ideas:

  • Beginner hiking retreats
  • Dog friendly custom hiking vacations
  • Multiple activity fitness vacation
  • Residential weight loss program

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Getting motivated to take the leap!

Recently some guests shared their general feeling about how joining our wellness retreats in B.C. served as a catalyst ‘motivator’ even before they arrived. Their names have been changed of course, for privacy, words shared with permission. Here’s what they said:

YEP! I was always dragging my feet off the bed and into my training shoes. When I knew I was going to be going on a weight loss holiday, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer at my local gym, for 10 sessions. Having a trainer gave me the boost that I needed.  Jessica Jones (39).

Abby Smith (35), a stay-at-home Mom from Texas, agrees. She felt like she was always forcing herself to stand up and start working out, when in fact, it was the last thing she wanted to do in that moment. Alarm clocks didn’t work! This ended when she encouraged her neighbor and good friend as fitness buddy. Her friend, would walk up to Abby’s door and knock every morning so they can jog. Abby found it both motivating and embarrassing if her friend knocks and she’s still in bed.

In Whistler at our group discussion, we had an empathetic laugh about that, because we’ve all been there!

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Finding their commitment

Many of the women I talked to confided that what really made it harder for them to follow through with their fitness journey before coming to Whistler Fitness Vacations was lack of commitment. They told me that excuses came over them far too often, squashing their good intentions to go to the gym.

Here’s what one guest said:

I have tried every habit tracking app you can think of! sighed Erika Mills, 20, a college student trying to build a healthy routine.

At one time, she bought a big calendar and a broad red pen, to check off her workout days but it still didn’t work. That’s when she realized that it was time to do something different, and started googling for the best weight loss camps in the world!!! Trying to find something that would help her. We’re happy she found us! 

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As one of the few retreat programs out there that are exclusively for women of beginner fitness levels, we are proud to operate our company with clear purpose and conscious leadership for each of our guests stay. Whistler Fitness Vacations is a program that is presents both great challenges and great opportunities to each and every guest who signs up.

But with great challenge comes even better reward…

We provide award-winning fitness programming, lifestyle coaching, holistic nutrition and amazing outdoor adventures that I’m sure you’ll love! With a whopping 400+ weeks of wellness vacations under our belt over the past 12 years, it’s our real-world experience that differentiates us from the competitors.

Finding a solid support system will give you a new motivation in your health journey. Whether you join our wellness retreats in B.C. or create a loving team closer to home, JUST START.

We’re here for you when you’re ready! Hope to welcome you to Whistler very soon.

Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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