How To Know When It’s The (Right) Time For A Weight Loss Retreat

When it's the right time for a weightloss WFV

When you receive something magical, you want to play it forward

It’s true, when something is great in your life, you want everyone to experience it. For me, it’s athleticism and a healthy body that can exercise everyday. That?s why I became a personal trainer, many moons ago and then started my own weight loss retreat.

Back in 2001 when I first met my first client, I?d been a competitive athlete for years, counting on my coaches to guide and support me. To be on the other side and give that to others felt like such a treat. And when you?re given a treat, you savor and appreciate it. It?s still such a treat today to be ?that person? to my clients.

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?.. 

Recently some Whistler Fitness Vacations guests shared their general feeling about working out, before joining our program. Their names have been changed of course, for privacy! And their words are shared with permission.

Here?s what they said:

?YEP! I was always dragging my feet off the bed and into my training shoes. When I knew I was going to be coming to WFV, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer at my local gym, for 10 sessions,? says Jessica Jones (39) from Calgary.  ?When I started to take care of my health, I didn?t have a solid plan. I always zeroed in on motivation and would find myself stopping the routine that I am trying to build. Having a trainer gave me the boost that I needed.?

Abby Smith (35), a stay-at-home Mom from Texas, agrees. She felt like she was always forcing herself to stand up and start working out, when in fact, it was the last thing she wanted to do in that moment.

?Alarm clocks didn?t work! I didn?t even realize I was snoozing my alarm clock.?

This ended when she encouraged her neighbor and good friend as fitness buddy. Her friend, who woke up early because of her schoolchildren would walk up to Abby?s door and knock every morning so they can jog.

Abby found it motivating and quite embarrassing if her friend knocks and she?s still in bed. We (of course) had an empathetic laugh about that, because we’ve all been there! Someone even asked if I’d knocked on my clients doors when their still in bed, instead of having a kick ass workout with yours truly!

Finding Their Commitment

Many of the women I talked to confided that what really made it harder for them to follow through with their fitness journey before coming to Whistler Fitness Vacations was lack of commitment. They told me that excuses came over them far too often, squashing their good intentions to go to the gym.

Here?s what one of guest said:

?I have tried every habit tracking app you can think off!? sighed Erika Mills, 20, a college student trying to build a healthy routine.

She has tried every app that she can. At one time, she bought a big calendar and a broad red pen, to check off her workout days but it still didn?t work. That’s when she realized that it was time to do something different, and started googling for fitness retreats that could help her. We’re happy she found us! 🙂

Motivation, Are You In The Bottom Of My Coffee?

?I knew I needed help.? It was a hard realization for first-time-mom Felicia Mendez that she needs to change.

Doubling her weight after giving birth and not having any motivation to start a fitness journey because of ?too much stress and house chores,? Felicia confided in her husband.

?It?s like opening a new door.?

?When my husband started to be involved in my journey, I found myself more motivated and encouraged to continue.?

The Solution

These four ladies all had given up hope at one time – but found new motivation when they found a solid support system. And you can find it too! Whether it be joining our weight loss retreat, or putting together a loving team closer to home. You?ll need to take it one day at a time, but these ?one day?s add up into one week, one month. Before you know it, you?re half way there. The important thing is to start.

It is important to find someone you can talk to about your journey. Trying to get in shape alone only gives you more opportunity to break your promise. It?s easier to disappoint yourself than anyone else, as they say.

Jeff Breckon of Sheffield Hallam University, an exercise psychologist, advised people to have gym buddy that can work as a ?healthy competition? or a ?role model who can get you out when you don?t feel like it.” I agree with him.

It creates a sense of responsibility to someone else and social cohesion within a group of like-minded people. If you just go on the treadmill or rower, time can feel like it is going very slowly. But if you?re distracted, your perception of how much you are exerting yourself is much less.? ? Jeff Breckon 

Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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