best weight loss camp for adults

Success Plan

1200 calorie diet

Cat Smiley Boot Camp Co. is known as both the strictest and best weight loss camp for adults – partly as we’re only suitable for those who are ready to be held accountable to their success.

There’s zero tolerance to consumption of any food or drink that isn’t on the plan.

This rule is our number one understanding of trust between coach and athlete. It’s what permits us to keep results consist, and be able to trouble-shoot if targets aren’t met. The food part of our plan requires dedication and commitment from each boot camper, to follow through and use the environment, encouragement and tools provided to them.  Motivation to succeed is a necessary requirement of signing up.

You’re in full control!

You have your own dining area where you can eat alone, or invite other boot campers to join you.
There’s no social pressure (introverts love us!).

Dedicated to helping you achieve
happy size (for the long term).

Libby Hubbard, Tennassee, USA.
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Just the whole scale, the physical, the eating, the spiritual - all of that I'm finding here. And I know when I go home I'm going to be a success! Because it's not just one element that I've changed, it's mind, body and soul. That's the difference for me, and it's literally changed my life. This simply is the best weight loss camp for adults - with the main difference between other weight loss resorts that I've been to is that we cook our own food in the evening. You learn how to cut out fats, sodium and unnecessary calories. And for me that's been huge! This is the whole package. I lost 30 lbs in 8 weeks, which is unbelievable for me.
Carolyn Murray
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Thank you for a wonderful experience. I was feeling out of control with my weight. I now have HOPE and tools to continue with POSITIVE CHANGES. This boot camp retreat has such a lovely environment, great guides – and terrific no-nonsense coaching. Words are not enough. Best wishes always.
Sasha Lambert, Quebec (100+ lbs lost)
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After spending two months at fat camp here I’ve grown to really admire Cat Smiley as a human being; she’s so dedicated to her clients physical and emotional journeys. I’m grateful to her for being my trainer, mentor and friend.
Gimena Cebellas, Mexico
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This has been an incredible experience... the best weight loss camp for adults I could hope for. IT HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING. The tools you’ve given me are all I need to achieve my goals in a truly realistic way. I can see myself being an active person for the rest of my life - I leave feeling amazing and a changed person! Thank you for each and every single day!