That Scary Moment I Realized, I Too, Needed A Life Less Digital

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Your phone is toxic to your relationships. You should put it down. Turn it off?often.Agreed? So how come you haven’t done it? Yeah. Me neither. – Denise Brodey

I sat in the sun today, reading my book. It was the day that I decided to delete my ‘fan page’ on facebook, with a few thousand people on it. I’d worked hard to build that network, but truth is, it made me feel icky (more on that later).

So here I was, my dogs chasing rabbits doing circles around me, and between screaming at them to ‘stay on site’, I was reading a book on weight training. It was blissful to do my personal development learning du jour via old turning pages method. The words were on paper and birds were my? tweets.

It felt like I was in 1987 again.

At one point, not too long ago, I’d catch every.single.notification.

One by one as they rolled in, jumping to (pretty much obey my phone) like a dog not wanting to miss a cookie opportunity. I felt owned by pings, or judged by silence.

And in my quiet times I noticed that this world of screen everything, human experiences in my day were starting to feel like a luxury. (I think there’s a lot of us who feel that way).

I began to envision a throwback lifestyle as something my future should embrace!

Thinking about a life less digital gives me anxiety. I’m just gonna be honest here. With all the emphasis on gathering fans and being of influence on the world wide web, it’s hard to step back and say “No, that no longer serves me”

But do we really need to?

And is it even possible to smash the glass ceiling in business – without scrolling the glass screen throughout the day?

The fantasy life less digital…

I’d wake up, go for a walk, dri
nk a tall glass of lemon water and do a bit of yoga. Meditate of course, drink some coffee and have a green smoothie for breakfast.

I’d check in with my phone at set times, perhaps 10am, 2pm and 6pm. The rest of the day, I’d be full present with humans, and when I’m running my business, it’d be with complete focus on my desktop.

Yet the reality of that is: firstly, I’m an immigrant. What if something happens to my family and I miss it?

Two, what if my man tries to get hold of me urgently and I’m unavailable until it’s too late? And three… how will I play music in the office?

One where I could afford to check emails less, not be driven by apps and have friends who update over a cup of tea. And a business that automates information, but not relationships.

It made me feel successful to do nothing on a Wednesday afternoon. Successful! Normally success is defined by the opposite.

They say bosses answer to nobody – people answer to them…

So why are we all so contactable?

This is your life! By using the phone constantly, you have been taking life and putting up a door. In your case a wall. SHUT IT DOWN and destroy the wall. Everything you are seeking and desiring is right now inside of you and completely alive. The only thing that’s stopping you; YOUR SMARTPHONE. Put it down. – Tony Robbins

The same thing is happening with phones as what happened to cigarettes – they became accessible to everyone and the elite no longer wanted them.

Today we see wealthy kids getting tech-free educations, and success meetings are never over a laptop.

Likes and follows are becoming chased less than face-to-face meetings.

Career goals include real words, human handshakes, your business network saying your name on the phone, a customer call that ends in gratitude.

I’m feeling optimistic about the way 2019 is going.

  • We have powerful influencers like Thrive Global (engaging us through the screen ironically) to have less screen time. Probably my most loved website right now. They promote a life less digital in a fresh and cool way.
  • Research is conclusive that phone addition is really a thing. People are taking note of that. Here are 7 scary things you didn’t know about cell phone addiction.
  • It’s becoming socially unacceptable to be on your phone when face-to-face with someone who is talking with you. Need help? There’s an app for that.
  • Everyone knows not to sleep with your phone, or have that dreaded neon light in bed. Here’s what the studies say.

So if you touch glass every hour, do like me and start reflecting. Then take action.

I’ve never liked twitter but I think I’ll tweet out again tomorrow.

The old school way.

UPDATE: I did. And I noticed my favorite latte cup was double glazed glass. It suddenly dawned on me why I love it so much. That familiar smooth glass in the morning perhaps? Gah… am I owned by the internet??

Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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