Imagine a 5-hour active schedule in the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Somewhere safe, that you can hike, walk, stretch, lift, learn and do fitness classes at a pace that both challenges you but doesn’t overwhelm you. Where that you can work like a professional athlete, even though you’re a total beginner.

Imagine losing weight everyday but having so much fun that you never want it to end. It only sounds overwhelming but you’ll quickly discover how doable it really is! And then you’ll come back every day wanting more.

Cat Smiley Boot Camp might just unleash your inner athlete faster than you can say smoothie! It follows OBC56 basic training fitness plan. Click here to learn more.  


Ongoing monthly stays, 1-5 months, max 4 per session.
From $ 14,995 Canadian, per month, per person, inclusive.

Residential fitness boot camp

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is perfect for anyone who has struggled with weight loss, binge eating or exercise inconsistency. Perhaps you feel self-conscious in photos, and want to go on an active trip but feel too slow. Or maybe you’d benefit from a coach who can help you figure out your health and fitness priorities.

Some know what to do to get back-in-shape but can’t seem to get themselves to do it. They might have an all or nothing mentality and want to give up trying to be a healthy size. They’ve been there before and are frustrated to be here again. 

If you feel like you’ve tried everything… this program is for you. It’s also for you if you’ve tried nothing, and finally feel like it’s time to get cracking on feeling good again. It sucks to be afraid to let yourself be seen, right?

Let’s kick fear in the face together! Share your mess with a coach who ‘get’s it’. I’ve got both the professional and personal experience to create a wholesome, helpful experience for you in beautiful Vancouver Island.

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Business Updates

What to expect during COVID-19 travel

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is especially well suited to these times. Since we reopened in September, many have traveled to us. Their positive feedback and support of our safety procedures makes us very confident that we’re operating responsibly. Of course, many safety protocols and revised measures have been implemented.

As the world slowly reopens, we’ll continue to monitor and build on what we’ve learned to operate responsibly. Below you can learn about the extra precautions we’re taking, to help decide if our program is right for you, when you’re ready to travel again.

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Outdoor Activities at fitness bootcamp
Senior Fitness

Senior fitness programming – age is no barrier!

No matter your age, optimal health is both achievable and comfortable with an expert guiding your senior fitness programming. Cat Smiley Boot Camp welcomes seniors with no upper age limit, as long as they meet base fitness requirements.

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West Coast Fitness Vacations

Fitness Staffs at Bootcamp
Our wonderful fitness guides from Whistler Fitness Vacations, 2019

Cat Smiley Boot Camp is the current signature program of West Coast Fitness Vacations. This is a residential fitness camp that runs year round, in all weather conditions – outside. It is similar in structure to The Biggest Loser on NBC. This is a serious fitness weight loss camp for overweight women age 35 and over.

WFV underwent extensive rebranding in 2020 with a new operational format that allowed me to be pandemic-proof. I wanted to create a business that could be run by me exclusively, without staff. And of course, be safe to travel to, even with government restrictions. 

From 2008 to 2019 my signature program (and business name) was Whistler Fitness Vacations. We operated over 430 luxury wellness retreats in Whistler, in partnership with the Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler.  Watch 30 minute video here.


OBC56 fitness camp is a mental toughness program. All workouts – flexibility, strength, cardio, agility, conditioning – and activity is outside. We take shelter for workouts when needed in the forests and beachside gazebos, throughout winter. 

We will not be using public gyms, pools or community areas. 

Group classes are a combination restorative, high intensity fitness sessions in the forest, field and beach. Almost every day we’ll be hiking in forest and beach trails.

These weight loss camps will motivate, inspire and teach you to be happier and healthier at home. But you have to be willing and open to making these changes.



Beyond dramatic weight loss and increased fitness, you’ll peel back the layers of various dialogues in your head that may be holding you back.


You’ll gain confidence, knowledge and clarity to continue once home, with your own tastes and preferences. It’s an education on healthier living.


You’ll know how to exercise from home, adapting streamed workouts safely and effectively to your level. This is especially helpful as an alternative to the gym during pandemic days.  


Getting out and bonding with power-house women who make you laugh, get you back on track with being the best version of yourself. 


Beautiful, upscale lodging in a luxury beachside condo, all to yourself. We’re excited to partner with Sunrise Ridge Resort.


The strictness. See food and alcohol policy below. This might not look like a highlight until you get to the end of your stay!


Hiking and/or trail running (most days) depending on your fitness level. The trails are spectacular by the ocean, forest and mountains.

Food and alcohol policy

This is the only weight loss camp in North America that will remove participants and terminate contract if they consume unauthorized or unprovided foods or drinks (or smoke, vape etc). Early departure insurance is highly recommended if you’re unsure if you can trust yourself with this agreement, as no refund or credit will be offered of any kind (read terms for details). It’s tough, but the only way we can succeed together.  

Your LAST shape-up plan!

It’s taken me over 10,000 hours of experience and education to push my clients results to the level that I do.

It is on the edge of where it can go within the medical boundaries of safety. Messing with it can cause you INJURY AND/OR SLOWER WEIGHT LOSS. Even a seemingly innocent extra hour on the treadmill can cause problems as each day is carefully calculated for you.

I say ‘within the medical boundaries’ because 1200 calories is pretty darn low unless extremely carefully and knowledgeably designed. And exercising to higher intensity heart rate often requires me to coach you out of the enjoyable zone.

This fitness camp will get you through the awkward beginner stages of exercising that feel uncomfortable and often boring. 


Anna - Cat Smiley
Anna has lost almost 70lbs so far, at Cat Smiley Boot Camp

Base entry requirements

You’re working towards 50 to 200 lb weight loss.

You believe being lighter will improve your quality of life.

Your flat treadmill mile is between 13 and 25 minutes.

Walking for up to two hours is enjoyable and pain free.

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Being active everyday in a small group of like-minded women excites you. You’re cool with group paces at the slowest participants pace in our group of 4.

You’ve had at least 35 birthdays and are female.

You're ready to give your best effort and not hold back, even if it’s hard sometimes.

No smoking, alcohol or food outside of our plan is a challenge you’re ready to take on!