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6 Travel Trends We’re Seeing For 2022

The rise of conscious travel is here!

Longer stays, aspirational trips, staying local, driving not flying. It’s been so exciting to see travel return this year! More and more, people are gaining confidence in booking their 2022 trips and planning their adventures away. Most definitely, the trend is shifting in how we see travel. Now more than ever, travellers want to be responsible (and safe), with emphasis on wellness and ethical choices. Gone are the days where feeling good is just about what we get!

Longer stays

Month long fitness retreat programs and private home collections for longer stays are travel trends we are seeing. As many are merging travel with remote working, staying in a beautiful location to do that is a refreshing break. 

Aspirational trips

The strong desire to achieve something great out of our life has been especially impacted by the pandemic. Creating moments that we’ll remember is important. Many are now taking steps to go on that trip we always talked about, but haven’t yet done. Wellness retreats that offer personal development, weight loss and outdoor activity can start changing your dreams into reality. 

Discovering your backyard

From a big boom in staycations as we look to explore the treasures close to home…. We expect the domestic travel trend to continue as we grow to appreciate the wonders on our doorsteps.

Good Housekeeping

Wholesome travel experiences

There’s more awareness than ever about our carbon footprint, and the impact that jet-setting has on the environment. Sustainable travel is steering people away from over-populated destinations. Experiences that connect with the local people are on the rise. Additionally, driving to your vacation is definitely with perks – plus, you can bring your dogs! Our weight loss retreat in Canada has recently become pet-friendly.

Vegetarian travel 

An increasing number of people are becoming vegetarian and vegan as food costs increase. This is also increasing the demand for great meat-free restaurants and hotel in-room dining. A survey by Sainsbury’s predicts that 25 per cent of Brits would be vegetarian or vegan by 2025.

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