Fit Getaways: Post-Pandemic Planning & Travel Updates/Cancellations

stay home globe fit getways - Fit Getaways: Post-Pandemic Planning & Travel Updates/Cancellations

We’re (100%) guaranteed to operate in 2021 (THANKS TO PRE-SALES!!!)

BAD NEWS: Whistler Fitness Vacations has been forced to close for the 2020 season. As our season is May to August, the pandemic restrictions are looking set to be in place all summer.


We’ve sold enough pre-sales of programs in 2020 so far, to stay afloat through this challenging year of closure.

Pre-sales are dateless, applied as a credit towards a future ‘post pandemic program’.

This pre-payment can be used with us for 3 years (until Dec 31, 2023) towards a future trip of equal or greater value. That gives you all of 2021, 2022 and 2023 to come join us, when the time is right. It can be applied to any of our programs; whether thats a weight loss holiday, one of our wellness getaways or hiking retreats.

Enjoy the zero risk opportunity to book confidently.

This pre-sale opportunity has the most benefit for Americans as you get to take advantage of a plummeted dollar.

The USD is currently sitting around 60% to the Canadian dollar right now, which is about 15% stronger than normal. It’s a smart investment to use your American dollars at the moment to purchase a Canadian health retreat.

We have a price guarantee in place whereby you’ll automatically be credited any future discount or package upgrade, if it’s offered. The month and date of your travel is left open. You don’t need to even think about when you’d like to come until the pandemic is safely over. Only then will we book your health retreat dates, and we’ll do so with a really flexible cancellation policy – in case theres a second wave of travel restriction.

All scheduled health retreat weeks for 2020 have been credited into 2021 season, except Aug 2-29 session. Registered guests in this weight loss retreat should keep their travel plans ‘on hold’ until we know more, especially if traveling from Canada. If we operate this session, it’ll be with less than 3 guests and only if it’s safe/permitted.

As a sole proprietor, pre-sales of 2021 programs have allowed me to be one of the few B.C. small businesses in the travel sector who will make it through. THANK YOU!

Next scheduled health retreat: Jan 3-30, 2021 Body Positive Fat Camp, Vancouver Island.

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Body Positive Fat Camp

This one month immersive weight loss retreat is for women with 100 pounds or more to lose.

This is not a luxury wellness retreat like Whistler Fitness Vacations, rather a weight loss fitness boot camp intensive, by the beach. Guests will work full time on their fitness, weight loss and nutrition just like in Whistler, but without the outdoor adventure component. There’ll be daily nature walks, indoor and outdoor personal training, and full lifestyle coaching. Maximum of 4 women, age 35+, estimated cost for the month is $8000 USD. The name of the program, if you want to look out for it on the site is Body Positive Fat Camp.

The usage of the word fat camp came with much consideration, however it’s with confidence that I’ve decided to use it.

Why? First up, I trademarked the term back in 2008, when I first started working with 100 pound weight loss. I haven’t used it much over the past 10 years or so due to change in branding.

Secondly, I believe that acknowledging our current state is the first step towards truly deciding to change it. Participants in this health retreat are weighing at their doctors offices as morbidly obese. They’re at risk for obesity related diseases. They’re not ‘big boned’, or ‘large and in charge’.

We will promote body positive fitness and provide cutting edge services that are both respectful and goal focused.

Super excited for it’s launch!

> WATCH: 2020 presentation video for my luxury wellness retreat. This video is 30 minutes long, with 2021 operations identical to what it would have been this year.  

Staying home, trying to hold it all together

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve kept your job, are staying safe and juggling many balls right now.

Perhaps you are home schooling your children, trying to find a quiet place in the house to work. Peace keeping with family to stop everyone going stir-crazy, while holding it all together. Anxieties are likely through the roof right now.

In following months, I’m going to be writing blogs on how to make this time at home healthier. I want you to feel like you can create your own wellness staycations in Canada, USA or where-ever you are in the world.

When it’s time to travel again, we’ll all be bursting with enthusiasm to make it incredible.


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Keep me afloat with pre-paid 2021 fit getaways!

I love what I do and want to continue forever!

I invite you to pre-pay for a stay in 2021 as both a support to my company through this pandemic, and an investment for you.


As one wonderful customer warmed my heart with these words: 🙂

“Cat, I’ll treat you like family now so that your amazing business can still be here, to treat me like family later.”

You can book your 2021 stay with Cat Smiley Retreats & Coaching –  in complete confidence.

We’re dedicated to the well-being of our clients and doing our part to ‘flatten the curve’. This page will be updated as things evolve about our fit getaways, wellness retreat programs and everything that we offer. I’ll also try to post on socials.

Explore BC… later

For now we pause, stay in, and dream of later. The more we do today, the sooner we can all explore BC again. This video was created from existing footage and with a remotely recorded voiceover, to support physical distancing.

Posted by Destination British Columbia on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

How we can support each other

Currently I’m chatting with my lodging partners about being able to offer everyone who signs up in advance for 2021 fit getaways a free room upgrade. The value of this offer is quite significant (but so is the value of paying Whistler Fitness Vacations in advance). And from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate that.

The intention is to make the reduction in cost way greater than the interest that you’d pay on your credit card. Additionally, I’m working with my payment gateway system to allow all payments to be done with credit card for the full amount. Hopefully you’ll be able to get bonus air miles.

Whistler Fitness Vacations is the signature fit getaways program of Cat Smiley Retreats & Coaching and I’m dedicated to bringing the program back once this pandemic is over!


Raise a smoothie bottle! It's lunch time on the trails at Whistler Fitness Vacations 💕👊

Posted by Whistler Fitness Vacations on Saturday, 22 February 2020


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> Registration is open for post pandemic weight loss retreat programs. Click here!

We’re all grieving – at least a little

You may have lost your job or found yourself giving up on a dream. Don’t minimize how hard these times are for you.

People are happier when they can do something for others as opposed to doing something for themselves. – Psychology Today 

You’re entitled to your own emotional experience so it’s important to let yourself feel the pain, as it feels natural to you during these times. That doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to wallow in a self pity cycle. Simply feeling the pain, acknowledging it, and taking steps to manage it is a powerful path towards self care.

Working with a therapist can help with these feelings.

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Only two weeks ago I was hiking with my family in New Zealand. Crazy how quickly things can change…

Show up for yourself

The more you show up for yourself and honour the care that you need, the easier it’ll be to navigate. You’ll feel like you can hold space, and stay in control regardless of how big the emotional roller coaster. Figuring out how to stay grounded and use what you learn during these challenging times will help you reframe every negative thought.
It’s not going to be easy, and it’ll be a work in progress. I’m still working on it, and frankly, I think I’ll always be working on it. Yet embracing the imperfections of the perfect expectation that we hold for how our life is ‘supposed to be’ is the first step towards peace.
When you feel peaceful in where you are now, you’ll begin to feel peaceful in where you’re going – even if you don’t know. – Cat Smiley

Life Mastery Retreats

In my teachings and coaching clinics I share valuable insights learnt, through the storms of my life. I combine these experiences with formal education in coaching – also studied social science, human behaviour and modern coaching practices through various esteemed Universities and continuing education platforms. I do this by encouraging the present day to be productive and purposeful in a way that aligns with our desired direction.
With these tactics in practice, my clients tell me that they feel an increased sense of safety. Safety about their future, happy with their present and peaceful with their past. This allows them to become grounded… rooted in their values, no matter what tornado they’re standing in.

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My dream business plan

These worldwide events have got me really thinking about what my dream business operations look like. I don’t want the pandemic to kill my travel bug… haha that’s an ironic sentence! Although unfortunately I feel that with everything that’s going on, many people will look for wellness staycations closer to home instead.

I anticipate welcoming an influx of Canadian travellers to our health retreat programs.

Our wellness retreats don’t just help you lose the weight and show you an amazing fitness getaway, they also teach valuable life skills. Spending time at home with family during the quarantine days has made many women feel like they need to improve their cooking skills, and learn how to exercise from home. Some are even rethinking their relationship with the gym, leaning instead towards setting up a home gym.

I enjoy personal coaching over the phone, and will be adding back that service. Phone coaching is quite different from online coaching because I can walk and talk to customers, keeping moving.


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Whistler Fitness Vacations will be back in full swing, 2021. Click here

Counting down to the next plus size fitness vacation!

Whistler Fitness Vacations wellness retreats in B.C., will be continuing to offer luxury weight loss retreats in partnership with the Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler into 2021. I also love the day-to-day programs as well, with Whistler guided hiking tours becoming increasingly popular! My Whistler season runs from Earth Day (April 22) to Labor Day (August 29).

My heart is really and truly drawn to the highest mountains in the world, and the Buddhist countries make me feel at home. I think I was born part gypsy, because when I don’t travel, I feel trapped! Having lived or worked in over 40 countries, and immigrated 3 times, I very much wish to include travel as part of my business lineup. Recently I hiked up to Everest Base Camp with my parents in their 70’s and it was everything as amazing that I hoped it would be.

For that reason I’ve put together an experienced team of travel and guiding experts in Kathmandu, contracting with them the opportunity of collaboration. I’ll be offering plus size adventure travel excursions in the Himalayan countries each September. This is planned as an annual fixture in my business calendar, and will realistically begin 2021 as the pilot.


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New location on Vancouver Island

Currently I’m putting together a new program on Vancouver Island, Body Positive Fat Camp mentioned at the start of this post. This program is similar to Whistler Fitness Vacations but without the outdoor fitness component. It’ll offer month long live-in fitness body transformation fat camp programs for extreme weight loss, October through April.

In conjunction with this, I’ll offer fun and dynamic fitness programming for the aging population locally with physical distancing in place. Personal training and group fitness, using my deep knowledge of exercise programming for those with special conditions. I’ve got a lot of expertise on exercise programming for those with orthopaedic conditions, injury rehab and critical illnesses.

Year round, I want to continue to expand my clientele for personal coaching over the phone with past or future customers of my health retreats. I’m offering one year unlimited post-stay personal coaching to all who pay for next years program in full this year (2020).

> READ: Find Your Perfect Fit At Whistler Fitness Vacations Wellness Retreats In B.C.

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More info on the Body Positive Fat Camp 

These life mastery retreats will be more than whats currently out there.

They’ll be life saving and deeply personal, designed for those who’ve lost hope. Curriculum will be a combination of compassionate coaching and practical action steps. It’s a women’s fitness camp with an immersive weight loss program that is comfortable but not luxury, like Whistler Fitness Vacations. Lodging will be in modest one-bedroom contained apartments, ideally within steps of the ocean. Nature is an important component of these body positive weight loss camps.

It’ll be a month long fitness retreat – ‘fat camp vacation’ – for women with BMI in the morbidly obese category. Typically this is 100+ pounds over healthy weight range. Women who feel out of control (perhaps sliding towards to becoming morbidly obese) are also welcome to join. Similar to fat camp programs for overweight children, participants will learn how to completely transform their lifestyle, in every sense.

Jump on my email list to stay in the loop!

Next years health vacations

We can’t wait to welcome guests from all over the world again, without borders, travel restrictions or physical distancing. As a wellness retreat company, these days go against everything we stand for. We’ve all been impacted by this event, some more than others. When you’re ready to book again, know that your wellbeing will always be our first priority.


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For all wellness vacations booked for 2020 departure

To comply with governments worldwide, Whistler Fitness Vacations has temporarily suspended all fit getaways until August 1st.
As of today, we’ve transferred all wellness retreat registrations prior to August 1st, 2020, into dates for next year. I’m optimistic that the August 2-29, 2020 session may be able to run however will know more in coming weeks.
Tourism B.C. is predicting that the whole summer will be staying at home, so we’ll keep watching the advisories.

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More reasons to get fit with Whistler Fitness Vacations

With over 400 weeks of destination weight loss programs personally facilitated, my heart is still open to the individual requirements of each guest. With every positive review, I’m honored and humbled that Whistler Fitness Vacations is often considered one of the best fitness camps for adults.

My luxury wellness retreats have been honoured with Better Business Bureau Accreditation. We’ve got an average A+ rating, which we’ve maintained for 12 years. This is based on verified reviews by Whistler Fitness Vacations guests. In fact, based on the past 5 years of surveyed guests, 96% say that they’ll either come back at some point, or would recommend us to a friend.

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Posted @withregram • @kerstinloves Remember, even though you may be on your own right now: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. ♥️ You are loved and supported and we will get through this hand in hand (figuratively, please don’t touch each others hands!). ⁣ ⁣ We, as a global community, have to work together now. ⁣ ▫️ Please take it serious and stay home if you can. Do it for those that need protection and those that work in hospitals. ⁣ ▫️ Stay connected online and check up on your friends. ⁣ ▫️Offer your help where you can. Maybe you are healthy and can offer your neighbor to do their shopping. Maybe you can donate blood. Maybe you can sign up to work for the red cross, help out in a supermarket or simply offer your help online. ⁣ ▫️Feel your feelings and ask for help when you need it. Isolate yourself at home but stay connected through your phone. Don’t shut yourself out. ⁣ ⁣ If you need help or can offer help, maybe you can comment here and get in touch with others? Do you have a skill you can offer? Or something you can share? Do you need help? Something you want to get off your chest? Let’s connect in the comments down below! ⁣👇🏼👇🏼 ⁣ ⁣ #positivereminders #anxiety #feelings #thingstoremember #selflove #selbstliebe #talkaboutit #notalone #flattenthecurve #corona #compassion #coronavirus #covid19 #covid_19  #coronavirusoutbreak⚠️ #selfcare #dontpanic #gesundheit #achtsamkeit #teamösterreich #austria #strongertogether #ichbleibezuhause #stayathome⁣

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Things are brutal for nearly everyone right now.

We’re going to get through it together. As a society, let’s stay united once we’re there.

One thing that has been reinforced is how dedicated, hardworking and, most-importantly, brave our doctors, nurses and other medical staff are—and let’s not forget other first responders, too.

With much of society slowed to a crawl if not shut completely, it’s a useful time to individually and collectively figure out what we should bring back and what can be left to wilt when the pandemic is under control. Some aspects should return to “normal,” absolutely, but this crisis has provided some insight into how awful the status quo is for many.

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Try to be gentle on yourself

An outdoor fitness vacation is the perfect treat for yourself for when life gets back to normal. Whistler Fitness Vacations offers the best weight loss retreats, with fresh air, adventure, travel and great company. Having things on your calendar to look forward to is a nice motivator for better days ahead.

One thing I believe to be important as we do our part to flatten the curve, is giving up the pressure to feel positive. The truth is, this isn’t an easy time. We’re all feeling disappointment, loss, grief – perhaps suffering. Not everyone is confident in exercising from home, even if they’ve got access to a streamed workout. Additionally, few have the motivation to stay enthusiastically on track with their workout programs – especially if a beginner.

You’re not alone, and there’s a solution!

The solution is to treat yourself with self-compassion, rational logic and above all, kindness. We need to love ourselves deeply and unconditionally, especially when suffering. This goes beyond the emotional support needed to get us through.

We also have to accept the human nature of failure and loss, no matter how accomplished or fortunate we are.

I wish you health, happiness and safety!  

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> Weight loss retreats in Canada are more affordable than ever right now. Click here to start planning your 2021 fitness vacations.
Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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