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Yes – you can travel with a dog to our program

We put pet’s in the priority lane!

Travel with a dog is undeniably the most rewarding, soul-warming getaway. Yet it’s not easy to find a wellness retreat program that allows dogs, especially if it’s group participation. That’s why it was important to Cat Smiley Boot Camp to make sure our guests could have dog friendly options. We’re the perfect setup, with long-term stays you’ll feel just like home.

Wellness travel in 2022 looks set to see travellers putting their pets needs as top priority.

Even though the pandemic limited most travel, one striking detail is how popular the pet-friendly filter has been. The use of the filter has been on an upward swing over the last two years.

Choosing your wellness travel based on the ability to drive there, in place of flying, might make it easier to bring your furbaby.

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The growing demand ….

Dog friendly hotels are easy to find these days, although it’s still restrictive for many places. Countries like France are waaaay easier to travel with dog. Pet-sitting in hotels may become a booming business! Many hotels don’t allow dogs to be left alone in the hotel room. According to the American Pet Products Association’s most recent survey of pet owners, 67% of U.S. households own a pet. And 55% of global pet owners saying that their pet is as important to them as their children. Dogs especially are being taken seriously when it comes to hotel and flight amenities.

Dog friendly rooms

Many who join our fitness boot camp retreat say that their decision was impacted by ability to travel with dog. It’s especially handy for those who travel to our weight loss camp in Canada by car. We believe that self-care includes having everything you need to feel loved and whole. Perhaps bringing your best friend with you will make your trip even more epic!

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