weight loss camp for women

Trust & Safety

Your stay at our weight loss camp for women can be The Biggest Secret, if, like most of our customers, that’s what you’d like. Many see their time with us as a more challenging chapter of their life, and don’t want people to know details of their trip. This experience is emotional and deeply personal.
We get it. Stealthy staff uniforms, unlabeled shuttle branding, small personal groups (that doesn’t look like you’re on a tour) – and much, much more. Public figures and introverts love us. 
Cat Smiley Boot Camp Co. stands with you proudly as your biggest transformation secret. 

The weight loss camp for when it matters

Tami, Ontario
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Cat, this part of my journey that you have helped guide me in has been incredible! You are a fountain of knowledge who is always there with the right answers. Always encouraging, you gave me the strength to push through some of my greatest fears (such as my fear of heights). I leave this weight loss camp for women with many fond memories of you, Bear and your team. I feel more confident and empowered, stronger and healthier than I’ve been in a long time and knowing that the next part of my journey will be successful! Thank you.
Rebecca, Toronto
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Cat, such an amazing fitness camp this has been for me. This adventure is one that I’ll never forget. You have taught me so much and I codlin’t have asked for a better coach. Tiphaine was an awesome fitness guide as well. I feel healthier, happier and met some great women along the way. I can’t thank you enough for this experience.
Keri, Ontario
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Cat - what an amazing adventure these past months have been! This has just been everything, and then some. Bear is an amazing part of the team and your fitness team is wonderful. You’ve created something magical here and are leaving a legacy of stronger, healthier, more empowered women in your formidable wake! I’ve met incredible women here and will be forever grateful for this opportunity to learn more about myself and build through my self- imposed limits.
Sheila, Yukon
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It’s been an amazing experience for me. I’m a person who has had a full life with many varied experiences and I count this weight loss camp for women as both memorable and valuable to me. It’s been so wonderful to connect with the other boot campers and also the reconnect with myself. Thanks to the fitness team as well who were awesome. Take care, I’m sure we’ll be in touch!