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Will you ‘trust your hunger’ on a weight loss camp?

If you struggle with overeating, ask these 3 questions when choosing a wellness retreat.

The more clear you can be with yourself about what it is you want, the better your chances to find it. 


Setting up for success

Find out where exactly you’re staying. 

Where is the weight loss camp located? Will you be lodged far away from the nearest tea shop? With no temptation to buy outside food, you’re likely to stay on track with your food accountability as you depend on whatever the chef serves you. For others, that isolation is a bit much. It may cause a scarcity mindset and make you stash junk food in your room ‘just in case.’

Will you be tempted to overeat? 

Find out if the weight loss camp gives you opportunity to cook your own meals, as this will allow more sustainable change. If they do, is zero-waste cooking available (or do you get stuck with ingredients you could binge on). Will it be easy to stray from your calorie quota? Get details – ask questions before you arrive to ensure that you’re comfortable to trust your hunger once there. Because there will be hunger, that’s a given. And anyone who tells you otherwise, might not be giving you the real picture.  

Is there structured eating?

Ask how much control you have in your meal environment, so that you’ll be able to trust your hunger. Do you have to socialize, even if you don’t feel like it? Can you follow a plan that will be doable when you go home?

We’re here for you when you’re ready

Search for a weight loss retreat that connects to your big picture goals. One that offers a range of classes, activities and workshops in a natural environment, to unwind and reboot. Emotional healing with issues such as sleep, stress, and lifestyle patterns is top priority! Cat Smiley Boot Camp is here for you when you’re ready to learn more about our extended stay fitness programs.

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