Want To Feel More Grateful? Ditch These 4 Habits!

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Settling Back Into The Moment…

Do you ever feel like you’re pounding through Monday into Tuesday focused on your task lists and work juggles, focusing on the crappy stuff? Maybe you know that you want to feel more grateful, yet just don’t know where to begin.

Can you stargaze without thinking about work?

Enjoy your coffee for it’s taste, warmth and moment?

Laugh with the lady at the post office? Or just robotically get your stamps and wish she could give your change for $5 faster….

Miracles Happen Every Day

Hey you know, stargazing, coffee and post office ladies laughing are pretty cool. They’re 3 of the simple good things in life. But you won’t notice them if you’re stressed. And consequently, probably won’t see them as very important.

For the fidgety skeptics out there (I used to be one of them!), it’s easier to knock off another task on the list than take time to pause.

In this post I’ll share the tried (and tested) easy life hacks that have helped me notice the good things in my day, instead of letting the negative things dominate. It’s fueled my energy tank with a powerful boost, and it might help you too!

1 – Being Sedentary!

Yeah I know… life is super stressful and you’ve got waaaaay too many things more important than working out. As a personal trainer for almost 20 years, I’ve pretty much heard all the ‘reasons’ for not making fitness a priority.

Yet when you’re putting on that sexy hospital robe because of some stupid medical emergency that could’ve been avoided through walking 10 minutes a day, you’ll realize that those reasons weren’t actually reasons at all.

Illness waits for nobody, and if you’re not preparing for health, then you’re preparing for sickness. – Cat Smiley

2- Not Spending Enough Time Outside

While it might be tempting to deal with the stress of your day by spending time trying to fix it, getting outside instead could be a healthier option. Activity and vitamin D will go along way. In fact, it has been said that sunshine vitamin indirectly helps decrease stress levels (and of course, it is great for the skin!).

Go out in the sun, enjoy nature, get moving and watch the positive affect it’ll have on your mood. You’ll not only notice the sunset on your walk, you’ll have a wave of happiness – and probably want to take photos!

3 – Never Being Bored

With technology at our fingertips from wake up to sleep, it’s easy to get sucked into the scroll. Deleting social media from my phone became necessary, and it turned out, I felt much better because of it.

I also challenged myself to stop googling every stupid question that popped into my mind throughout the day, by putting safari on the third (hidden) slider of my home screen. It was definitely weird to not google. Try it!

Sitting still with yourself is powerful. You might become bored, but pretty cool things can happen if you stick with it enough to start allowing your mind to return to calm.

Lately I’ve been following 10% Happier meditation courses and quite enjoying it. Meditation and structured relaxation are proven to fight stress effectively. Yoga is also another ‘boring’ activity. I love it – there’s a yoga class for everyone!

4 – Always Being ‘On’

Allowing yourself to do nothing will be like a power-down of your brain. Similar to a computer, it’ll help you restore, refresh and renew. This’ll not only prevent you from feeling overwhelm, it’ll also bring you back to balance.

When you’re in balance emotionally and spiritually, you’ll won’t be so stressed that the good things in your day whizz by unnoticed.

Try to nurture personal interests every day as a precautionary tactic to find the balance. It is not always easy to get in the mood for peaceful environment when stress is seeping in.  Positive visual images that stimulate the mind can be really relaxing.

The forest for some peaceful walking is a powerful way to reset. Speaking of which, my sweet dogs are telling me that it’s time to go for a walk, so I’ll wrap up. #priorities 🙂

Ready For Change?

The sun rises and sets all around the world, hot showers on a cold winters day is accessible to most people, and laughter is free. But if you’re strung up on the crappy stresses of your day, these simple joys will come and go without them making an impact on you (what a waste!)

Life will never be a straight line of joy and laughter, but we can prepare ourselves with the personal skills to embrace the bumpy ride.

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Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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