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Transformational travel is moving into the mainstream, and for good reason!

Traveling to Whistler Fitness Vacations weight loss resort is a smart investment.

Fitness classes and fit getaways are no longer positioned as ‘self-care indulgences’. The average fitness enthusiast pays $25-$35 drop-in fee, if traveling away from their home studio. Wellness is now a $563 billion global industry.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t count on being able to get to the gym as our only means of exercise. One of the best reasons to get away to a health retreat is to learn how to workout independently. Having a few basics down will help you follow streamed classes better.

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Whistler Fitness Vacations teaches take-home healthy habits

Hi, I’m Cat Smiley, the owner of Whistler Fitness Vacations plus size weight loss retreat in B.C., Canada. We strive to be the best weight loss retreat for women of beginner fitness level, who want a live-in fitness experience. Even though we’ve been running our weekly/monthly wellness retreat in Canada since 2001, we’re certainly not the first to specialize in wellness getaways.

“Ten years ago, you wouldn’t have even known what someone was talking about if they said ‘wellness travel.’ Now, it’s everywhere.” —Beth McGroarty, of the Global Wellness Institute, when asked about weight loss resorts.

What makes Whistler Fitness Vacations stand out from the crowd is our commitment to the often overlooked elements of getting back into shape. Workouts have to be convenient and comfortable from a logistics standpoint because people who are new to exercise often feel that working out is a hassle. They’re working hard in their physical activity while at our program, so we do everything possible to make it logistically easy to focus on those workouts.

Additionally, we take the guess work out of making the health improvements that they achieve with us, sustainable into their home life.

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Whistler is a gorgeous place

British Columbia is truly a beautiful province, with Whistler being in the heart of its most pristine beauty.

With hiking, biking, kayaking and other outdoor adventures that are so rewarding, you’ll be with other women who’ll keep you motivated. There’s a huge benefit to working out outside and pushing yourself in natural terrain.

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Maybe you think that you’re not a hiker….

Lots of people don’t like hiking. Whether it’s walking uphill, getting dirty or peeing behind a rock isn’t worth it, even if theres the promise of spectacular views at the top. Finding the power to walk until the end can take a bit of mental digging.

“Having just spent 3 weeks hiking to Everest base camp I forced myself to become a hiker over the course of those 21 days. There were times I hated every single second but there was no other way to go but forward. Only once my lazy ass got into hiking shape after the first week did I really start to enjoy it (after 7 days of hell). Also I found I hate going downhill 20x more than I hate going uphill. And I REALLY hate going uphill.” – Emily, travel blogger.

Some people find that the more they do it, the fitter they get and the more enjoyable it becomes. Perhaps short walks are more your thing, or possibly sticking to day hikes. All of our Whistler guided hiking tours are day trips). Even if you enjoy working out, going for long hikes might be incredibly boring for you – treadmill runs get the sweat going and keep you motivated. Then a hot shower to follow – bliss!

Like most who come to our fitness retreat holidays, nature is okay, but only in moderation.

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Ways to make hiking more enjoyable

If you’re really out of shape, walking is a smart starting point to start being more active. Thats why weight loss resorts and health retreat programs so often have nature walking, hiking as their key focus. Everyone can put one foot in front of the other, but it’s important to not over-face yourself with a trail. Doing too much can turn you off the activity all together. Our hiking vacation in Canada makes the experience a positive one, as we plan the trip routes around your fitness and ability level.

The longest we walk for is 4-5 hours in a day, and that’s only programmed if the group is advanced – and interested. For plus size fitness guests who are better on flat terrain, we try to find routes that are flat. Although Whistler is a mountain town so nothing here is completely flat. But some routes are flatter than others.

Beginner exercisers often find that climbing uphill for 30 minutes or more can hurt their calves, and going downhill hurts their knees. That’s why joining a fitness and weight loss retreat that has professional fitness experts to guide your hikes is truly beneficial.


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What is the weather like in Spring?

A mountain paradise, Whistler is an incredible place to visit anytime of the year, with picture-perfect lakes, glacial beaches and amazing fresh air. We plan each guests fitness holiday for optimal comfort in every weather element.

Whistler Fitness Vacations runs from May through September. In May, there’s still snow in the mountains but the valley trails are clear for hiking and biking. It’s a beautiful time to come with invigorating temperatures for working out. You’ll be able to hike up to the world famous Giant Snow Wall on Whistler Mountain and marvel at the stunning views below! Kayaking is just beginning on the lakes, and there are less visitors in town. By June it’s around 21°C (70°F).

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Is summer too hot for plus size hiking?

Short answer – no. While it’s normal to think that going trekking vacations are better in shoulder season (Fall and Spring), summer is really nice in Whistler. There’s a reason why millions of people from all over the world visit our beautiful town in summer.

Beyond being globally famous for it is lift accessed mountain biking terrain, the stunning glacial lakes all within walking distance from town and hundreds of fun activities make Whistler truly a ‘must see’ destination.

This time of the year is gorgeous, with wild flowers scattered across alpine fields of panoramic snow-capped peaks, and hikes on top of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains in addition to workouts and guided cardio adventures. The benefits of coming in summer include non-stop festivals, sporting events and music concerts throughout your stay. Summer starts late June and averages 9°C to 27°C (48°F to 80°F).

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Why I love late summer and fall the most

Our last session is usually before the fall weather starts. The sun is still shining brightly with warm, glorious days! Temperatures remain between 9°C to 27°C (48°F to 80°F).

Running an outdoor fitness camp in the mountains makes it different each day. We’re prepared for the elements of weather, it can be sunny, windy, rainy and even throw hail at us all on the same day. Fall especially is more temperamental when it comes to the weather, September especially.

That’s why in 2020 we’re ending our Whistler Fitness Vacations on the last day of August. Logistics such as having our support vehicle ready with snow tires (for those freak snow days mid September)… and things getting slippery underfoot as we head into rainy month. Our last month long fitness retreat begins on August 2.

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Plus size adventure travel that gets you moving

Imagine an all-day schedule in beautiful mountains where you can hike, bike, kayak, run, walk, stretch, lift, learn and do fitness classes at a pace that both challenges you but doesn’t overwhelm you.

Somewhere that you can work like a professional athlete, even though you’re a total beginner.

Imagine losing weight everyday but having so much fun that you never want it to end. Our daily schedule runs from 8.30am to 2pm. It only sounds overwhelming but you’ll quickly discover how doable it really is! And then you’ll come back every day wanting more. With guides that never go too fast or too slow, trainer-led fitness classes (that are carefully assigned) and up to 4 paces of ability for every adventure tour.

Whistler Fitness Vacations might unleash your inner athlete faster than you can say “smoothie”.

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Even if it rains, be ready to give your 100%

Julie from Montreal was thrilled with her time at our fitness retreat.

Many of our guests have been to the best weight loss camps in the world, from Thailand get in shape camp programs, through to affordable wellness retreats in Mexico. Weight loss weekend retreat programs are also popping up in many local yoga studios and gyms.

You’ll work hard at our outdoor fitness retreats, theres no question. With activities that include walking, running, trekking, boot camp, biking, and even aqua fitness – the schedule is designed for beginners. Many weight loss resorts push too hard, or too little but Whistler Fitness Vacations knows that you’re ‘starting where you are.’ We’ll take you from there, giving you everything you hope to get from your outdoor fitness vacation.

This is one of the reasons why we’re often regarded one of the best wellness retreats in Canada.

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Hiking in the mountains is an amazing way to get fit and lose weight!

Multidimensional fitness programming

Whistler Fitness Vacations is definitely a boot camp weight loss vacation, but it’s a powerful place where you feel safe. Safe in your abilities to rise above preconceived restrictions that may have previously held you back from trying certain fitness moves. Safe from judgement.

Cat Smiley Retreats and Coaching takes PRIDE in creating the perfect blend of guided cardio adventures, fitness classes, workshops and personal discovery.

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Every workout is about success.

Results at our weight loss camp in B.C. are accelerated as you find that stubborn person inside you and convince her to be an athlete. By continually bringing new sequences to your workouts your body experiences targeted strength and dramatically improved athletic performance.

You’ll prevent injuries and build multiple foundations of fitness with carefully designed combinations of 5 different fitness classes and small group personal training. Our most popular classes include Learn to Run, Sports Stretch, Water Boot Camp, Athletic Conditioning and Strength Training.

While classes are mostly scheduled outside, if extra modification is needed they will be run in a small group private training format.

Small group personal training may be offered (no more than 4 guests in your session) at our beautiful partnership health club. Master new skills, push your physical limits and elevate your perception of what you can achieve.

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You’ll never feel left out, or left behind.


  • “What if I’m the oldest, or most out-of-shape at your women’s fitness camp?”
  • “I don’t want to injure myself on a fat camp vacation! ”
  • “Imagine if I do all this work and still don’t lose the weight?”
  • “What if I put the weight back on?”

Most have asked themselves these things at least once during the signup process for our beginner fitness retreats. But if you have met our base fitness requirements, then we’ve got a program for you. We’ll teach you how to be compassionate with yourself, and that includes setting the right goals for where you are now.

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Where you are in your starting point is exactly where you should be.

We start and finish all of our extended stay guests on the same day so that the pace will increase as you do. This creates an unparalleled camaraderie with incredible fitness improvement as a team. Each day you will feel lighter and happier while slimming down to healthy weight safely and effectively.

Kathy – in the above testimonial – lost 50 pounds with us in her 8 week stay. You can watch her video below. She not only made positive changes in her life, she also continued them for years. There’s no question that our trekking vacations and weight loss camp programs are challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. But if you’re serious about improving your life, and willing to trust Whistler Fitness Vacations – it can (and will) be life changing.

If you’re ready to enjoy life, travel and adventures in a way that you never thought possible, give us a call.

CLICK HERE to start your success story the way that we did for Kathy.

Low impact, high intensity workouts

The best exercise vacations know that beginner bodies don’t work at the same speed sometimes, as beginner enthusiasm does! For that reason, our weight loss retreats for women prioritize weight-bearing exercises (such as hiking).

These activities will strengthen and build your bones – an excellent way to slow down bone loss as you age.Walking is easier for most guests at our luxury fitness retreat programs, but often their fitness is too high to get the cardiovascular benefits that running could. Yet their bodies don’t like running due to prior injuries or restrictions, so we make it amazing with incredible hiking routes and high-intensity hills.

Whistler guided hiking tours are a popular program at Whistler Fitness Vacations. These can build up to running for a few minutes on the flatter terrain – the dirt trails are nice on the joints. We also go on big walks around the famous Valley Trail of Whistler, our stunning pedestrian road that winds 40 kms. around rivers, lakes and forests.

You’ll improve quickly here at Whistler Fitness Vacations. Each day on your outdoor fitness retreats, you’ll be challenged to the next level. You’ll use new muscles and work your heart and lungs harder, building your fitness with fast progression.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Whistler guided hiking tours and pet friendly weight loss retreat

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Want to feel more grateful? Ditch these 4 habits!

Transformational travel is just one of the ways to settle back into the moment. If you’ve ever felt like you’re pounding through the week focused on task lists and work juggles, it’ll be more challenging to feel gratitude. Focusing on the crappy stuff is a natural tendency.

Moving your headspace back into the healthy zone sometimes takes a conscious effort. You’ll know that it’s necessary when you find yourself doing things like not being able to stargaze, without thinking about work. Or being able to enjoy your coffee for it’s taste, warmth and moment (too stressed)!

Creating your own mini digital detox retreats can be as simple as spending the afternoon without wifi. This could mean putting your phone on flight mode, or taking a ferry crossing across the water. There’s a romantic illusion that heading into the forest ‘where the wifi is weak’ will bring stronger connection, however safety issues come into play if you’re going somewhere without cellular coverage.

Note; we take all the precautions possible on our Whistler hiking tours, using satellite phones when necessary (although seldom used, as we stay within the cellular range).

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Finding miracles in the everyday

Hey you know, stargazing, coffee and forest walks are pretty cool. They’re 3 of the simple good things in life.

But you won’t notice them if you’re stressed. And consequently, probably won’t see them as very important.

For the fidgety skeptics out there (I used to be one of them!), it’s easier to knock off another task on the list than take time to pause.

This article isn’t only about the things benefits that coming to our plus size fitness vacation can bring. Beyond the dirty boots and clean eating I’m sharing in this post the tried (and tested) easy life hacks that have helped me notice the good things in my day, instead of letting the negative things dominate. It’s fueled my energy tank with a powerful boost, and it might help you too!

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1 – Being Sedentary!

Yeah I know… life is super stressful and you’ve got way too many things more important than working out. As a personal trainer for almost 20 years, I’ve pretty much heard all the ‘reasons’ for not making fitness a priority.

Yet when you’re putting on that sexy hospital robe because of some stupid medical emergency that could’ve been avoided through walking 10 minutes a day, you’ll realize that those reasons weren’t actually reasons at all.

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2- Not Spending Enough Time Outside

While it might be tempting to deal with the stress of your day by spending time trying to fix it, getting outside instead could be a healthier option. Activity and vitamin D will go along way. In fact, it has been said that sunshine vitamin indirectly helps decrease stress levels (and of course, it is great for the skin!).

Go out in the sun, enjoy nature, get moving and watch the positive affect it’ll have on your mood. You’ll not only notice the sunset on your walk, you’ll have a wave of happiness – and probably want to take photos!

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3 – Never Being Bored

With technology at our fingertips from wake up to sleep, it’s easy to get sucked into the scroll. Deleting social media from my phone became necessary, and it turned out, I felt much better because of it.

I also challenged myself to stop googling every stupid question that popped into my mind throughout the day, by putting safari on the third (hidden) slider of my home screen. It was definitely weird to not google. Try it!

Sitting still with yourself is powerful. You might become bored, but pretty cool things can happen if you stick with it enough to start allowing your mind to return to calm.

Meditation and structured relaxation are proven to fight stress effectively. Yoga is also another ‘boring’ activity. I love it – there’s a yoga class for everyone!

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4 – Always Being ‘On’

Allowing yourself to do nothing will be like a power-down of your brain. Similar to a computer, it’ll help you restore, refresh and renew. This’ll not only prevent you from feeling overwhelm, it’ll also bring you back to balance.

When you’re in balance emotionally and spiritually, you’ll won’t be so stressed that the good things in your day whizz by unnoticed.

Try to nurture personal interests every day as a precautionary tactic to find the balance. It is not always easy to get in the mood for peaceful environment when stress is seeping in.  Positive visual images that stimulate the mind can be really relaxing.

The forest for some peaceful walking is a powerful way to reset.

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Ready For Change?

The sun rises and sets all around the world, hot showers on a cold winters day is accessible to most people, and laughter is free. But if you’re strung up on the crappy stresses of your day, these simple joys will come and go without them making an impact on you (what a waste!)

Life will never be a straight line of joy and laughter, but we can prepare ourselves with the personal skills to embrace the bumpy ride.


Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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