Live-In Fitness Camps: The Rising Travel Trend Of 2020

live in fitness retreat

Travel Trends in 2020

Live-in fitness camps check off (pretty much) all the boxes of what matters to the informed traveler these days.

Carbon offsetting is on. Micro-cations get big. Green hotels check in. Single-use plastics phase out. Giving back takes hold. Women-only trips shine. Wellness vacations turn to nature. – National Geographic

In this article, I’ll explore the current trends in travel as researched by top sites and discuss the problems listed below. I’ll also share the ways that live-in fitness retreats and longer stay hiking vacations solve these problems. I hope to showcase the reasons behind why a well-delivered residential weight loss program should be on the bucket list of every woman.

  • TREND: Small-group travel to less known places.

PROBLEM: People need to be in shape to go there.

  • TREND: Pet friendly travel.

PROBLEM: Most small-group travel is not pet-friendly

  • TREND: More adventurous travel choices.

PROBLEM: People need to be in shape to do that.

  • TREND: Fitness and yoga retreats open for all levels.

PROBLEM: Pace might be too fast, leading to injury. What to do with the rest of your trip?

  • TREND: Hotels that feel like home.

PROBLEM: Unless the hotel has a kitchen, it’s not really like home. 

  • TREND: Sustainable hospitality companies.

PROBLEM: Some tour companies lodge you in hotels that aren’t green, as part of their pre-built package.

The best residential weight loss programs solve all of the problems listed above.

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Ladies, Start Your Decade! 

It’s here!!! The new year, the time when new dreams start being planted. With all this talk about the ten years that have just passed, we also are thinking about the ten ahead. Where will it take us?

Yet there’s more awareness than ever about our carbon footprint, and the impact that jet-setting has on the environment. Sustainable travel is steering people away from over-populated destinations, with wholesome experiences (that connect with the local people) on the rise.

As Trump gears up to fight for a second term in office and the fallout from Brexit motivates people to travel beyond the costly confines of Europe, over- tourism will also force us to re-evaluate where we go, swapping crowded hotspots such as Venice and Santorini for less familiar destinations. – Jennie Southan, Condé Nast Traveller.

An increasing number of people are embracing the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, therefore demand for destinations with great meat-free restaurants and hotels is predicted to increase. In fact, a survey by Sainsbury’s in the summer of 2019 predicted that 25 per cent of Brits would be vegetarian or vegan by 2025.

Whistler Fitness Vacations in B.C., Canada is one destination fitness retreat that encourages their guests to eat less meat. In fact, the owner Cat Smiley has even written a book on it, with a zero waste 21 day menu for weight loss.

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Active Vacations Are Heading To New Heights

Travel companies like Exodus and Expedia are seeing a boom in small-group journeys to less known places. Popular mountain resorts are losing their self-guided traveler appeal as the obvious trails become over crowded. Local guiding companies that offer hiking tours and progressive fitness camps for adults – not just kids – is predicted to increase especially.

Yet theres one problem that arises for hard-working individuals and families who have sedentary jobs, and perhaps cannot get to the gym as often as they hoped. Active vacations may be too much of a physical stretch, if fitness levels are not where they need to be. It sounds amazing to want to trek to Machu Picchu or Victoria Falls, but these well-trodden places often require quite a bit of base fitness to achieve the walking component comfortably.

Whistler Fitness Vacations is an example of a hiking vacation that takes their guests to untouched, natural terrain away from the crowds. Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, the program is led by certified personal trainers who are also experienced outdoor guides. This double qualification requirement might be hard to find in your average hiking guide, but in Whistler many seasonal employees are multi-skilled. In the featured staff video, ‘Katie’ says; “With carefully selected trails with everyones fitness level in mind, each guest can trust that their experience will be safe, and spectacular.”

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Think You’re Too Out-Of-Shape For A Hiking Vacation? Think Again!

Hands up if you’ve scrolled past one too many pictures of gorgeous young women on health retreats – and thought “I”d never keep up with her on a hike!

Sure, the retreat promises different levels of ability. Yet if the pace ranges from a 20-year old college athlete down to a grandmother (with two hip replacements) that might not be the reality – even if the intention. Feeling like a burden is the last thing you want!

In a trek last year to Everest Base Camp, I saw a lot of really disappointed tour groups. Many felt either held back from slower people, or felt rushed from faster people and both predicaments are not a good place to be in.

Somehow when you’re slogging it in the back of the pack, you start wishing that you chose a Caribbean cruise or to Mexico for margarita’s instead.

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Pets In The Priority Lane

Travel website predicts that 2020 will see many more travellers putting their pets needs as top priority, when it comes to choosing a getaway. Searching for tour companies where you can bring your beloved fur baby is pretty challenging, making independent travel for those with pets usually the best option.

Dog friendly hotels are easy to find these days, although it is pretty restrictive to take your dog everywhere with you. My prediction is that pet-sitting in hotels will become a booming business! And with 55% of global pet owners saying that their pet is as important to them as their children, dogs especially are being taken seriously when it comes to hotel and flight amenities.

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Dogs on vacation is becoming more normal than ever, and 42% of global pet owners say they would choose holiday destinations based on whether they can take their pets. Reflecting this trend, 49% say they’d be willing to pay more to stay at an accommodation that’s pet-friendly. Accommodations around the world will continue to look for innovative pet-tailored offerings.

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Long-Term Adventure Travel

Nearly half (47%) of global travellers plan to be more adventurous in their travel choices once they’ve retired. Almost a fifth (19%) of those who are already retired are planning to travel for several months without interruption, something that over half (52%) of all travellers agree that you can do at any age. Expect to see products that help travellers kick-start the planning process. –

This research was independently conducted by by a sample of adults who’ve taken a trip in the past year. In total 22,000 respondents were polled (including 1,000 each from 29 counties) in August 2019.  

Yet with adventure in the hearts of many, it’s important to be in good physical shape before venturing off on your trip. Trekking, hiking, biking, traveling long hauls on buses and eating from foreign menus is hard work. Pre-trip planning will really make the world of difference.

People are getting smarter in their trip planning, and making the first stop to the new chapter to a hiking weight loss retreat will definitely see a rise in upcoming years.

Feeling Safe In Your Pace Is Crucial

Boot camp vacation programs are a wonderful launching point for those who feel too out-of-shape to join a regular tour, like biking in Vietnam or hiking in Tuscany. You have the security of group pace being one where everyone is here to improve their fitness.

The structured guidance is an important element to consider when looking for the best weight loss retreat for you. This is usually the difference between the programs out there, from Thailand to USA, Australia to Canada. Some programs have 100+ classes to choose from in the week, and the guests go to the ones they feel like – whether of not it’s to their benefit. Spa and ‘wellness’ retreats usually have a mix of meditation, yoga, medical professionals and beauty treatments sandwiched into a busy activity schedule.

Look carefully at what the core of the program offering is – the fitness leaders must be ready to meet you at your level.  

It really sucks being the girl everyone uses to make themselves feel better. I know this thinking makes me completely insecure and paranoid, but you can’t deny feeling a teeny bit happier about your bum leg when the dude next to you can’t touch his toes. It’s especially demoralizing when you’ve got a false sense of confidence because you breezed through the warm-up, only to realize there are 50 minutes left and you haven’t even reached the ab part. – Elite Daily

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Live-In Fitness Programs Feel Like Home (The Healthier Version!)

Travellers today want to stay in hotels that feel homely, and rightly so! After a full day exploring, it’s nice to cosy up by the fire with your dog while skyping with your family back home. Whistler Fitness Vacations is ahead of the trend on this one, having run intensive month-long stays in a gorgeous hotel.

Each guest has their own full kitchen in every suite, which makes it easier to eat familiar foods. For me, one of the stresses of constantly being on the move is having to find healthy restaurants or cafes every time I want to eat. Like everyone, I enjoy being pampered from time-to-time but am quite content to make my own meals when away from home.

When I developed the program, this was an important factor to consider. I toured all the (pet-friendly) hotels in Whistler and chose the Westin greatly for the reason that each suites kitchen is super nice.

Breathe in the fresh mountain air at The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler, a charming luxury hotel tucked away in the Coast Mountains. Curl up in your spacious one-bedroom suite and stream the latest series and movie with the fast and free Wi-Fi. Order in with our hotel room service and warm up in front of your room’s fireplace. Make the most of your time in Whistler and let our unique locale provide you with memories for a lifetime. –

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Sustainable Hotels Are On The Rise

Sustainability will be a key factor in successful brand management of hotels, as it’s one of the most important global issues facing the world right now. And, hotels will advance their sustainability mission to fuel their corporate social responsibility efforts and establish trust. Sustainability is a win-win for both planet and profits as environmental responsibility is increasingly becoming a guest preference. – Trivago

Trivago also shares that travel trends in 2020 will continue to see guests doing their part for sustainability. Energy-saving schemes will increasingly reward hotels with green campaigns. This extends into construction, with smart buildings digitizing facilities, reducing plastic usage and saving water. Guests are increasingly eager to do their part for sustainability, embracing campaigns to reuse bathroom towels and request less frequent bed linen changes.

The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler (who are partners with one of Canada’s top weight loss retreats for women) is one hotel that paves the way in sustainability.

With a full paper, cardboard, glass and beverage container recycling program. Water saving toilets and faucets can be found in all guest rooms. Gently used linens, soap bars and toiletries are donated to charity. You’re steps away from the gondola, Starbucks and all the most exciting things about our town.

It’s the perfect place for a hiking retreat with stunning wilderness during the day and contemporary hospitality at night!

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Travel With Purpose

Live-in fitness retreats are about purpose driven travel. It’s easier to justify spending money on a trip that has a health focus.

Oh, you’re going to a health retreat … a hiking holiday in Whistler with other women? That’s great Sarah, have a fabulous time, you deserve it.” Yep, possible answer. Now here’s the alternative: “What? You spent how much money on a luxury wellness retreat in Whistler? You know that we’re saving for Bobby’s education in 15 years, right?” Also possible answer.

The most common description of our program is ‘live-in fitness hiking health retreat.’ The word ‘weight loss’ makes many well-meaning parents and husbands cringe. While considering the price tab they’ll ask my clients “can’t you just eat less?” Um… no.

That word also rings the vanity bell to some family members. Most women who are excellent at dressing to flatter their bodies, keeping their weight issues private.

Recharge, Reboot And Turn Your Life Around

At our health retreat there’s nothing to worry about in your day-to-day activities. We meet you around 8.30am and the day unfolds with everything taken care of for you. From arranging transportation to the best hiking trails in Whistler, guided paces that suit you and fabulous outdoor fitness classes. You’re in control of your meal choices, so that you can return home and continue eating better.

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Whistler Fitness Vacations runs with a five-day schedule, giving flexibility in the weekend to do whatever your heart desires. We’ve had guests lose up to 72 pounds during their 8 week stay here – gosh, can you only imagine how great she felt? Click here to read about our many happy customers who share their stories of inspiration.

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What Could We Achieve In A Month Together?

Women from all over the world sign up for our signature one month body transformation program. This live-in fitness program includes:

  • May 24 – June 20 and August 2 – August 29
  • Optional weight loss support and coaching included
  • Multi-sport trip style with guided hiking, biking, kayaking and outdoor fitness classes
  • Freedom to follow your own meal plan and dining preferences
  • Live-in fitness facility and lodging at the Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler


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Anxiety Is Normal…

When people hold a negative perception of themselves,  they feel quickly defeated when faced with challenges. Each obstacle, mistake, or failure can seem like proof that they won’t succeed and that they are not okay. If this describes you, it is important that you prioritize learning to value yourself. – Leslie Becker-Phelps Ph.D., Psychology Today

The road to self-acceptance can be a long one.

Start by moving beyond your accomplishments to validate that you’re worthy. Feeling good about who you are is just as much of an accomplishment as the other areas of your life. We are all unique – find a nurturing and caring partner leading your trip that honours this uniqueness.

While some guests join group fitness programs simply for health reasons, others find themselves here for personal reasons. Some are grieving the end of their marriage, some are celebrating it! Some may have been caring for an ailing parent for a few years. Getting away for a while is a perfect first step to take time for themselves.

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5 Reasons Why Getting Fit Is (Always) Worth It

Putting the effort and energy into your fitness is always worth it.

  1. You’ll insure yourself less as stronger muscles means less pressure on joints and tendons. Have ‘bad knees’ ? Commitment to the right workout program will make you feel a heck of a lot better – guaranteed.
  2. When you treat your body with respect, you’ll start treating all areas of your life with more respect. You’ll also feel much better about yourself, which will make others treat you better. You’ll naturally make them feel good about themselves too.
  3. Metabolism will increase meaning that you will burn more calories, even when sleeping.
  4. Energy will be improved. The cardiovascular system increases it’s healthy function, releasing more oxygen into your bloodstream. This process gives you more energy, plus you’ll sleep better – which also will vitalize you.
  5. Increased independence – oooh this is a doozy. Nobody wants to become a frail old lady who can’t lift her own soup cans. Being fit improves bone density, especially weight training. This reduces the risk of fractures in your later years and our live-in fitness retreat will show you how to lift properly! 

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Live-in fitness programs are definitely a trend worth joining.

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Hey, I’m Cat Smiley. I’m a fitness, nutrition, weight loss and life coach. Hire me if you want results! Click here to learn more about my 1-to-1 phone coaching services, upcoming weight loss retreats, and personal workshops.

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