weight loss camps for seniors
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Weight loss camps for seniors in 2022

If you’re entering retirement out-of-shape, month-long fitness retreat programs can help.

Weight loss camps for seniors are rapidly gaining in popularity, post pandemic (we hope) in 2022. Especially as many people have found themselves with weight gain and reduced mobility. The allure of a bike tour in Tuscany isn’t so enticing if you can barely tie your shoelaces anymore!! Yet having a trip planned in the future provides hope and optimism. In fact, 87% surveyed say that they like having a trip planned in the future as it gives them something to look forward to.

Almost a fifth (19%) of those retired are planning to travel for several months without interruption in 2022. Over half (52%) of all travellers agree that you can do this at any age. 


The New Travel Mindset

With adventure in the hearts of many, pre-trip planning will make the world of difference. Making the first stop to the new chapter to a weight loss camp for seniors, is a safe choice.

“Travellers are eager to experience the world again and are starting to plan their next once-in-a-lifetime trip. From celebratory moments to relaxing vacation getaways, travel allows us to truly enjoy the simple pleasures in life. We look forward to turning our customers’ dreams into a reality soon.”

Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel

Feeling Safe In Your Pace Is Crucial

Wellness retreats are a wonderful launching point for those who aren’t physically ready to join a regular tour. Group programs, like biking in Vietnam can be quite strenuous. Weight loss camps for seniors provide the security of group pace being beginner level, ideal for starting out in your fitness.

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